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  1. 3 dog vaccinations. I bought a box of 10 from my vet and have 3 left over. Well in date and properly stored, with syringes and needles. £12 each, local collection near Warwick as I don't want to post.
  2. Thanks for the offer mate. If I have to go down that route I will certainly be in touch. Cheers
  3. Say smithy with an Irish accent LOL
  4. I need something from dogs that have been properly tested and worked hard over a period of time that shows they are up to the job for the longhaul and have the heart to keep going when others would quit.
  5. That's the trouble when dogs are sold, lots of people change their names and honestly the dogs could be anything. I only know stuff that appears in the breeding of my own dogs, so many people had stuff off ken and bred from it that it would be impossible to know, who had what.
  6. The only buster I know was by smithy and was mated to a bitch called tinker that was out of a red bitch
  7. What was the bitch called that was mated to sparticus ?
  8. Park and breay stuff, depends what bitches were used. If you breed very close on certain individuals you will produce the odd red one and the odd black and tan also a lot of bronze coloured. Also several outcross bitches have been used of "unknown" breeding which could also produce reds. Sparticus was mated to a park bitch and produced some really good red stuff Pete j's dog red was bred that way I believe, good show dog and killed working also the brother to it died working in wales, very hard dog.
  9. Possible swop for well bred Gould terrier pup from my next litter, so any lads that normally wouldn't sell any surplus pups, please pm me. Pup must be from "proper" bull stuff, not your mates staffy from down the road ! Cheers
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