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  1. Great write up Margaret, really enjoyed the show, nice to meet up again after so long. I really enjoyed catching up with John and Michael. Hope to see you next year.
  2. Really looking forward to this show, always a good show. It is for a great cause, loads of classes as usual, great qualifiers. Best of luck with the show April & David, hope you get the support back from all the other shows you support. See you tomorrow.
  3. I am attaching the list of classes that is on the flyer for the show, hope to see yous all there.
  4. Good Luck with the show Kevin, thanks for your support at our show, hope you have good weather, we will see you there.
  5. Looking forward to this show, should be a good bank holiday weekend, the hound judge is Ger Loughnane, the terrier judge is Greg Nuttall, and the lurcher judge is Paul McClane. Hope to see yous all there as it is for a good cause.
  6. The weather is looking good this morning, we have a busy morning this morning. The yard work is done, looks like we have a lot of dogs to support every ring for you, except the pets we are leaving the German Shepherd at home. He is doing security for the day, he never gets a day off
  7. Hi Fox Lad just got a list of the classes for the show yesterday off one of the members, it has the same amount of Lurcher classes, and whippet classes as we had at our show.
  8. Castletown Kennigh Harrier Club Dog Show is on Saturday 2nd August 2014. This Dog Show is in aid of Our Lady's Childrens Hospital in Crumlin. There are Hound, Terrier, and Lurcher Classes, the Judges on the day are Ger Loughnane, Greg Nuttal, and Paul McClane. For further information you can ring 086/0477304. Please support this show it is for a good cause,and I am attaching a flyer of the show also.
  9. Looking forward to this one, we always enjoy this show. Thanks for your loyal support at our show, it is not forgotten. Always a great craic after the show as well, hope you have a great day.
  10. We may have a piss up next year, Matt and I enjoyed last year, I would say you enjoyed looking at him getting bit, he wont be in a hurry to judge again.
  11. I am glad you like the pictures, it was a good day, the weather held off. I am afraid none of the lads can make it to the Welsh this year, but there is always next year.
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