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  1. Oryt do u think they would be any good to put a on a ferret on a mk3
  2. i was watching a video on youtube and the fella was usinh velcro collars on his mk3 they didnt seem to come off and he has a few digs i think he was using puppy collars off ebay whats your views
  3. i use to own this dog he had a bit of a saggy lip on the right side about 13/14 inch tts he come from dumfries when i bought it
  4. You won't find a more genuine man than hbg won't tell you no lies nice stamp of a pup mate atb
  5. Does any one know of any patterdale pups for sale or know of any one breeding a litter this year got to be off earth terriers thanks in advance
  6. if you know any one who goes out digging take it out with them let it watch it will start getting keen give it a few live rats let it have a rag on dead stuff put it when you break through and it will go when the dogs ready dont rush it some start faster than others
  7. sorry about this fellas iv got a few questions about a lithium battery i got one for crimbo never had one before always used acid batterys it come with a bit of charge in the battery is it better to run it flat then charge it or can i just charge it now cheers
  8. What's the lurcher bull x ? And could you pm me a pic
  9. looks a great little grafter atb with the sale
  10. whats your best price for the fone ? if i collect
  11. i would have bought them but im only after 5 so atb
  12. i always use my ferrets to flush rats my ferret is just little tame as they come but kliied 2 rats at the corner of my shed one after another no problem dont worry about your ferret it might come out a bit grumpy but its ok they are there to work
  13. i know a guy who breeds show/working stamp of terriers real looker but extremly good garfter they try there heart out
  14. leave the man alone its his own dogs his own life as long as his dogs get ran thats the point in having a lurcher for all any one knows he could want to keep a pup back of each litter and yes i know you shouldnt breed for money but a few quid gives the dogs the best start to life my OPINION
  15. how tall is the terrier bitch bud and does the lurcher bitch jump gates ect im genuinly interested in the pair
  16. sounds perfeect of what im looking for what im looking for and any chance of inboxing me a pic how tall and does it retrieve on the lamp ? cheers
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