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  1. Looking for a bellman and flint collar 

  2. Alright Gunter have you a number and I’ll ring him thanks, I definitely buy, where bouts in country are you
  3. Jo54 use your own add, stop stalking mine
  4. Barking cover terrier View Advert Barking cover terrier wanted good money for right dog or Bitch, must be hunting cover on fox and giving tongue Advertiser tiny3 Date 17/10/18 Price Category Working Terriers  
  5. Jagd terrier View Advert Working jagd terrier, 2.5 years old, will swap for a bolting, digging terrier on fox only, must also hunt and bark in cover pm me plz Advertiser tiny3 Date 09/03/18 Price Category Working Terriers  
  6. Terrier wanted View Advert Terrier wanted for going to ground bolting a fox or staying till dug to, also hunting and barking in cover, right money for right terrier, thanks Advertiser tiny3 Date 08/03/18 Price Category Working Terriers  
  7. Looking for a terrier doing abit of bushing and bolt a fox from ground, good working home guaranteed
  8. Wanted barking terrier or springer must be giving voice on fox, thanks
  9. Wanted barking terrier or springer must be giving voice on fox, thanks
  10. tiny3


    gsp for stud Serbian import, 3 yr old, fully trained, grandfather world trialling champion ikc, pm and I send you on photos
  11. Springer spaniel bitch wanted must be fully trained with papers between 2 and 4 yr old Republic of Ireland
  12. 200 euros for bellman and flint lurcher 150 euros
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