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  1. Thanks Again for everyone that made it a great day with a massive turnout despite the bad weather see you all again in 2017 when our new road network in the field should make getting in and out even easier here is the youtube video https://youtu.be/qgHtc77LgEc
  2. Thanks very much to everyone that travelled I really appreciate it and thanks very much Margaret for all your help as always
  3. Baltinglass Lurcher Terrier and Whippet Show/Raceday 2016 on 3rd of April Trophy , Nuts and Rosette for every class, over 50 classes and ferret show , Gain Irish Open looking forward to seeing some of the top Lurchers Terriers and Whippets compete showing and Racing Baltinglass County Wicklow
  4. his best years are ahead of him if he is just turned 3, you should get great sport with him over the next few seasons
  5. great pics, some nice racey looking bull crosses
  6. Looking forward to it Albert, just looking at class ten in the racing would it not be possible to have hairy dog racing as a separate class as, having collie cross running in the class would lead to 7/8 greyhounds 1/8 collies running against hairy dogs
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