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  1. good luck with the pups sire looks a nice shape
  2. you say that mate but i think you will find that alot of kids start doing more with there dad, and start taking more intrest and understanding what you do , the computer games are the worst pile of shite ever and should be banned, my lad at night sometimes cant get too sleep because hes been on his game so much and his mind cant shut down. its nice to keep your children close to you and when your out of the way abit your kids do alot more with you. my opionion having lived and brought kids up in both environments i can say hand on heart the countryside wins hands down. why do you think kid
  3. ive 4dogs 1ferret the missus has a chinchilla thats a pain in the whole its a noisey bad tempered towards me useless we fat c**t and my son has the best pet ever never causes any trouble and never makes any mess and thats a goldfish
  4. my last 2 houses have been in small towns surrounded by the countryside but ive never really had anything serious to worry about just afew stupid we things dont think i could move into the countryside dont think it would be good for my son not having any friends
  5. why not go and tell the people with the greyhounds or people racing dogs in the under 23 that are over 23 what you think of them instead of starting on here when its to late and nothing can be done to stop them
  6. ffs all this over something thats ameant to give hunting people something to do over the summer and be fun well done if your dog won something better luck next time if it never. i took my lurchers and entered them in thing for years and only won something once and the show my dog won i never entered the dog and thought a dog that wasn't even placed should've won
  7. if gamefair racing annoy's some people so much why enter it if you don't injoy gamefairs don't go
  8. Should of got court to phone him should've got her to ring him
  9. thats what its been chid you english f****r
  10. i'll see if are willie's getting any in
  11. hogie

    The lottery

    the fella next door to my mum won a million on the euro millions raffle and f****d of to spain i was raging allways hated the cheeky c**t
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