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  1. that's the bitch .. All good here pal how's things your side? Was that the big brindle and white dog or the other lighter dog ? They all turned out in good mental states so they know the score but don't act the fools. Nice one mr powers pictures do them no justice best cross iv used won't go any further They do what they are bred to do
  2. Wells lads iv done repeat mating of this breeding as everything worked off previous litter and need a replacement for the sire... Iv 7 available 5 dogs and 2 bitchs very close litter 9 weeks today fully wormed and vaccinated will come with vac cards .. These won't hang around long will look after anyone off here with price if pups going over the water. https://www.donedeal.ie/dogs-for-sale/lurcher-pups-bull-deerhound/14131976
  3. The best dogs in this years coursing season up the slips is well worth seeing you wont be bored . Iv been there for the last 13 years without fail and the quality of coursing is always top class.
  4. Good too hear he's settled in well john.. He's going to be a big animal that's a fact... 4 pups went over to uk yesterday .. One dog out of the 4 is available .. The light brindle racey pup he's in Nottingham ..
  5. Thanks lad... Got messed about the last few days with dreamers who wanted a chat instead of a pup ... Now what's left is 2 light brindle dogs and 1 black brindle bitch .. Can't remember who was asking me to keep them in line for a bitch but there is one so pm me if your GENUINELY interested ..
  6. Nice one fellas Il put up a few more of the two dogs that are left tomorrow.
  7. Cheers stiffmeister pal. Phil h there is the two light brindle dogs two crackers
  8. Thanks lads they should make toppers not lacking in anything. Dead eyes these ar going to be ferried across too Holyhead they don't need passports just there vaccination Certs which they all have stamped up and ready to go.. Out of all the pups I'v ever had these are the least I'm looking forward to parting with .. If I had an unlimited supply of game I'd keep the lot .. As for the ones left if it takes a year to find the right lads thats no problem.
  9. Thanks for the complements fellas appreciate it ... Pictures do them no justice seen as I couldn't be worse with taking pictures on the phone.. Rogue with running dog il keep you in mind if any don't turn up to collect the last bitch that's on hold. rocket Ronnie.. they ar charging quid or what ever you could hustle off it being a pup... but I suppose its one cage booked how they look at it...
  10. cheers jakaron...Treadmilljohn iv replied to your pm and all others .
  11. Cheers fellas all the bitchs ar gone .. Rynos pup is being sent over this week so if anyone wants one sent in the same van could work out cheaper delivered to Nottingham ..
  12. what ever you say poacherman... sure you know my dogs better then me.. thanks for the compliments lads..
  13. sound russ... That's a fact cant tie either dog or bitch to fences as they have a habbit of pulling them outta the ground crazy strength in them when they cant get near what they want.. So anyone whos never had experience in handling of a bullx DONT CONTACT ME as these are not for you.
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