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  1. which bitch is that mate ? One in the east belfast Norfolk lined dog an one in ards chum ? gus pup kim think she called her sire was out hitler i was told
  2. the trunks mate is selling a bitch if its not gone her dad is out of hitler
  3. lol just shows you dont need travel the country sometimes
  4. i had bitch had one and pupped her aswel everything was fine
  5. i seen the dog and a digging buddy bought it roy 100 % genuine fela it will be out this wkend
  6. my dog had a touch of it when was 7 wks old was told was calcuim deficency so gt sum tablets to sort it gav him bone builder and cod liver oil then til a yr old
  7. cheers lads she very forward .. il try get some pics of some the others
  8. we update on pup i keep bk she 4 mths nw stands around 9 tts gets in to everything il get a pic put up
  9. i personally dont , once its bled , the shooting lads tell you its better shot no stress etc etc but i think its only to put you off hunting them cattle , pigs are beatin on & off trucks goin to slaughter & they taste fine. i hav noticed bit of difference but only after i was told about it lol its def the best of meat especially when its free
  10. does anybody think there is a difference in taste between deer thats been shot and one taken by a dog pre ban
  11. is this about catch rate or standards my stardards are dog must listen and do his job a good dogs a pleasure to own a bad dogs a pain in the arse
  12. 14 years youve the patience of a saint ..got a good laugh tho mate lol
  13. there doing well for you seems there knocking gud amount over so far mate
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