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  1. They have verry low kill rate . The wild dog is a much better hunter as are most domestic
  2. Lol no wee don't have them wher wee course
  3. Yes all different tipes of cross breed . Saluki over track is most popular but if bin in UK and Ireland and would not underestimate a lurcher
  4. Hare would be the slowest of the game but still fast and super stumina
  5. Wee course all over hard ground ,soft sand ,scrubs exs . I cours from hare to biger small African game up to springbucks . They fast animals with very good stamina .
  6. Help me bread the perfect coursing dog for open field
  7. hey you guys, sorry to bug you.is there anyone that can help me close to Quin, Im looking for rabbits to hunt and for someone that can teach me how to hunt with ferrets.
  8. they are both hare or rabbit species The kolhaas is much bigger and not as agile or fast .a vlakhaas is also called rooipooitjies by hunters in South Africa for its hind legs are normally stained red from the ground it runs on it is smaller and much faster and agile one normally can find the on dirt roads in the Free State North West and Northern Cape
  9. almost everything that can be hunted by dogs .springbok steenbok duiker impala ostrich riedbok jackal draai jakals warthog rooikat spinghaas vlakhaas kolhaas . that is about it That's the thing a good boergreyhound can hunt almost anything .
  10. Thank you it helps .Do you know of any breeders in ireland
  11. Good day can some one help me with this , is a Tazi and Saluki the same dog if not what is the difference and is the Tazi a recognised breed
  12. hey I 'm from Rustenburg .I have hunted all over SA and the numbers I gave you are not just any boergreyhound they are the best
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