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  1. I'd barely see any game if my dogs didn't hunt up, can't stand dogs that just tag along at your heel during the day.
  2. My ex boyfriend bought a dog pup because it was different :/ he regretted it later on. The dog was a nutcase, always needed something to do and was quite aggressive, they look the part but they are far too much dog for me!
  3. I don't see the need for fireworks to be banned completely but I do find it frightening that anyone can buy them. I think they should be banned for public sale, professionals only, I enjoy fireworks when I know I am safe. As a child I was chased by a rocket that was let off incorrectly, I was lucky enough to escape harm but it could have been serious!
  4. Just go naked..........second thoughts maybe that's why I rarely get past the interview stage
  5. Good thread trunk I like the black and white dog, good luck for the rest of the season.
  6. Big front end, big back end, small head and body! I know looks mean absolutely nothing and I don't mean offense but I have never seen anything built like him. Does he do the job? Probably the angle of the photos but I think she is all in proportion. She has a strong front, a deep chest and a lovely long back. She keeps me very happy, never looked back once she started. P.s. no offence taken
  7. My 3/8 bull bitch, the rest saluki/greyhound. Can't beat a bit of bull imo.
  8. It's such a simple job, don't see any point in leaving them on tbh.
  9. Is it just the picture or does the bitch have an overshot jaw?
  10. Really enjoyed reading through that, hats off to ya Billy
  11. I love seafood but not so keen on fish lol. Pork of any kind, just not crackling. Not a massive fan of beef, especially not steak i only like my eggs scrambled otherwise I only eat the yolk! Not keen on hot or spicy food. Anything italian goes down well without the peppers I like cooking from scratch but rarely get the time to do it!
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