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    I got my first lurcher at 8 yrs old. I'm now knocking on 50. i spent all my spare time in the woods with my scruffy looking beddyxwhippet and learned ferreting and lamping from my uncle.
    i've seen some cracking dogs over the years and love the rewards that working dogs brings. i learn new things every day from my dog. i'm currently running a 3/4 collie grey.
  1. Just an update. I think someone is coming over tomorrow. Thanks for all the replies
  2. Ive little time for folk attempting to get rid of the majority of lurchers,you seem to be a tad more genuine than most and i hope the mutt ends up in the kennel it deserves,good luck. He just deserves more than I can give him at the minute Morton. He's my only working dog and I won't be replacing him.
  3. with a lot of regret I'm looking for a new home for my lurcher dog. He's just turned 3 and this will be his 3rd season on the lamp. He's a 3/4 greyhound collie with a broken / rough blue merle colour.coat. dewclaws surgically removed as an older pup.and he's microchipped recall is good and he knows basic commands - sit, lie down he has a staggering amount of prey drive but with work as it is at the minute I just can't get enough rabbits in front of him and get him out enough (on the lamp). He's well exercised and fit.. He is kennelled out but will live in or out and is no trouble indoors
  4. he's got the gears, the wind, the drive (in spades) and the smarts ( maybe a little too smart). 3/4 line bred grey / collie x
  5. Just for the record Steve, I've far from given up. I stated from the beginning that i did not want to be on any committee. I stuck to what I said. My withdrawal from the steering group is for my personal reasons and in no part due to any lack of commitment to the cause of the promotion of the working lurcher. To state that i've given up is incorrect. If you want to know why i've withdrawn. please pm me and ask rather than assume and refrain from making comments based on assumption and stick to facts
  6. sorry but the tears are still rolling down my cheeks after reading this. Class "If it was missing something in it's diet, then eating it's own sh*t is the last place it will find it............it's missing" seriously though, I have a bitch that has a spot on diet and still likes the odd warm turd from a variety of mammals. as said before, just try to remove them before the hunger pangs set in
  7. Facebook groups / pages can be dodgy. They are there to represent the views of those originating the page. no likey - no lighty -banned
  8. cant see any problem with that as long as they were wrapped well . I've eaten meat thats been frozen longer than that
  9. would that be the same decorum as that used to re brand and elect a committee without approaching the group that was already looking into starting a group, something that yourselves accused that group of doing without consulting yourselves, speaking for myself. what is the point in re instating a group that has consisted of one man for over 20 years that very few of the new generation of dog lads have ever even herd of, who you say has done so much for the last 20 years that we find our self still under represented and look upon as the dark sheep of the hunting world. where was this when the m
  10. when the new group first "popped up" it was populated by folk from here and moochers.
  11. I'd say a whippet x for sure . I'm running a 3/4 line bred greyhound collie. Gives it everything but a little too big for the fields on my permissions.
  12. Your crazy Rob, I had You down as one of the good guys. Hi . There's always been better placed folk that me to go ahead with this. I never wanted a place on the committee of anything. Positive changes are starting to happen and that's a good thing for everyone.
  13. For the record, I have personally withdrawn from the LAGBI steering group as of NOW. From the original post by Giro all i wanted to do was to help change something for the better. That change has now started My continued involvement serves only to irritate bad feeling caused by the split of the original group. I wish the future of working lurcher and those striving to promote it all the best. Rob
  14. At present we are a group of like minded individuals striving to achieve something to promote the future of working lurchers with the aims and code as previously published. The intention has always been to set up a structure which can then be handed over to a democratically elected committee and to be inclusive for all. So to answer that directly along with the explanation above - No And after all the good advise from some good people that know what the score is, on this topic, you chose to ignore it all and got stuffed good and proper, flick back a few pages and re-group. I w
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