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  1. Really sorry to hear Jigsaw My bro and I had to say good bye to our 13yr old DH's last summer...been a year and it still sucks, they become part of the family Having a young pup through it all made it a bit easier. Best of luck finding another.
  2. Hey folks....bad news on Orijen, thought they could be trusted, but not looking good, check this out, lawsuits against them. http://truthaboutpetfood.com/lawsuit-filed-against-champion-pet-food-acana-and-orijen/ Bums me out as I had my old stag on this for years. Going back to raw on my young one.
  3. Right, with the little stag x, Zip. Anyway, real bummer, lovely little hounds.
  4. Sorry to hear. Love watching your great videos of the dogs as they remind me of my little stag/collie. RIP Pepper. We have an increasing problem here in North America with an invasive "foxtail grass" that's been severely damaging or killing dogs.
  5. Thanks Forest of Dean Redneck (lol) great name. Yeah, I hazard to use the word "perfect", but she really is to me so far. Would really like to see someone import some of his pups or strains to the UK, he's got the goods for sure.
  6. One of Dan's American Staghound X Border Collie crosses (75/25). I can easily see/say that this is the most impressive and capable dogs I've ever had. Here she is at 14 months, 51lbs, and around 23" TT.
  7. There's a great read on Amazon Kindle, by Rich Byerly of Loomis Nebraska on stags. Well worth the 6$, here's the info and link: A compilation of magazine articles by Rich Byerly about hunting coyotes and foxes with staghounds and trail hounds, plus previously unpublished stories and a history in America of the breeds of staghounds, gazehounds, deerhounds, wolfhounds, and trail hounds 60 YEARS GONE TO THE DOGS: STAGHOUNDS AND TRAILHOUNDS CANINES' GREATEST ATHLETES https://www.amazon.com/YEARS-GONE-DOGS-STAGHOUNDS-TRAILHOUNDS-ebook/dp/B071RH1MGG
  8. Sandymere, where in South America? Rural Argentina? I've traveled a fair bit down there in many countries and only saw show stock, ie Whippets and Borzoi in Brazil. I know of a greyhound guy too, but overall, don't see 'em. Be curious about the area you're talking about.
  9. Yeah exactly ....just toss 'em the keys, let them do their thing, then score us a 6 pack on the way home, lol Next thing you know, it'll be "Planet of the Lurchers" !
  10. Looks like a couple of pig dog lurchers....our hounds are probably more capable than we even realize: https://youtu.be/BWAK0J8Uhzk
  11. My old guy who's about to turn 12 with my new one at 8 months
  12. I think Brett mentions there will be a second part. Man, one day I hope to travel all of North America for a year with my hound and try to visit and document as many houndsmen and their dogs as possible.
  13. A cool vid was just uploaded by Brett Vaughn on Youtube. A visit with a classic American Staghound man. https://youtu.be/p06IEtn3iVo
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