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  1. Joe 1888.....Scotland had a referendum for independence and the MAJORITY of Scotland voted to remain united with the rest of Britain,why they are even considering giving the poisonous sturgeon a 2nd referendum is beyond me, the vote should stand end of. Then there was the vote given to the WHOLE of the UK (Scotland England Ireland Wales) to stay in the European union or not, the MAJORITY of the country (Britain..Scotland inclusive) voted to leave, this was nothing to do with Scotland on it's own as I think some of you yes voters get very confused with!! This was a vote for the WHOLE of Brita
  2. My other half's mate imported stuff years ago.
  3. If you read this link the gorilla was smashing the child off a wall and throwing him around, the keeper even said the child was in danger of his life, they show a bit of a video of it touching a child's hand and everyone gets a fairy story that it was protecting him, did no one see it dragging him off by the leg? Obviously they didn't show the video where it was being aggressive to the baby as that's when they had to shoot it, whether you think the parents were to blame or not....The zoo should have 100% secure enclosures to stop this happening. http://www.wpxi.com/news/trending-now/gorilla-a
  4. I'm 100% of the same opinion as you pesky, I'm shocked by the lack of compassion for the poor wee baby getting thrown around by a 400lb gorilla, I hope the wee soul is ok and makes a full recovery after his terrible terrifying ordeal, sad tragic event that could have been avoided if the zoo had proper enclosures!!!
  5. Its hard to believe so many did vote for SNP whether for or against country sports
  6. never ceases to amaze me that the mothers don't seem to notice their children being abused/tortured in such extreme ways by these their scummy boyfriends/husbands/whatever, ..... the mother should be jailed also, no matter how scared a normal loving mother would NEVER allow ANYONE to harm her children, poor wee souls
  7. I wanted to vote ukip but there wasn't anyone standing for them in my area , so had to be 'none of the above' for me
  8. He certainly is an inspiration, bless him living with such a cruel painful disease, a lovely wee boy
  9. What kind of mother would allow this situation and even the smallest risk to her children? They need to take these children out of this hell hole away from their vile creature of a mother and the danger of the predator pedophile, a home is meant to make a child feel safe, what chance do some children have in this sick society nowadays? Disgusting, you would think other family members would be up in arms over these children
  10. They are beautiful, never seen them before
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    Yes onlyworkmatters, this is a member on here's two dogs I done
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    Thank you Paulus and NL
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  14. Yes the two top ones are John's, thanks NL ☺
  15. Lol I never have or ever would vote SNP northernlight
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