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  1. Okay uk, ill say no more on the matter,.... Opinions differ
  2. It's not lies nor bullshit? It's well documented that mr ruble got fowl from the doc, and that they improved his fowl, I'm not taking anything away from a man who is one of the greats,...... But what I'm saying is nobody really knows what truly was in rubles fowl apart from the man himself
  3. Tbh we can all believe what we want, as none of us were on rubles yards when he was setting up the brood pens so were all speculating at the end off the day...... And ott the doc had a few different families and not all were muff/toppys, some only showed muff, others only a tassel,.. Atb
  4. Its often said that rubles fowl were nothing until kozura gifted him fowl.... . That's rong fox digger...... Ruble got he's start with the muffs from old man koruza and crossed he's own lines inn to them..... But he had good fowl long befor then.... Uk It's not totally wrong uk,..... Quite a few men who were around at the time in the states have said that the majority of rubles best stuff had alot of kozura blood in them, some went so far as to say rubles hatch were sh*te before the docs blood was added
  5. Its often said that rubles fowl were nothing until kozura gifted him fowl....
  6. Well nothing changes on here........
  7. Tbh I think moyes f**k*d up big time in this transfer window, and tbh I think Fellaini was just a desperation buy as he could see that he wasn't going to get any of the signings he really wanted, all we needed this year was 2 class creative midfielders, and we get Fellaini
  8. Nice work gnash, did you mesh the roof before you put the Roof on?
  9. Poor mans sport? People from all walks off life are into gamefowl, from rich Wall Street men to farmhands, not quite what I'd call a poor mans sport
  10. Bullshit mate, a chocolate out of the same litter as a black pup isent going to be shitter just because of it's colour, like saying a chocolate pat is not gonna be as good as his black brothers simply because he's chocolate, I've had a few try and tell me chocolate labs are shitter than their black/yellow litter brother/sisters and I just shake my head that a working dog man would say that
  11. That's nowt to do with rollers baw lolAww lol, is that tumblers then or fan tails? Or am I talking keek lol. Rollers are competition birds, Some lads use fantails to bring their kits in, but it's mainly controlled by feed, look up duckwings roller thread, that'll explain it all, cheers
  12. That's nowt to do with rollers baw lol
  13. True legend, can't see us getting any manager that will ever match him, and I'd hate to be the one to try and fill his boots, can't see it ever bein done
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