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  1. Nots so bad lad

    easy perms

    Got two more to see this week better have a word with Nick tait to get us the FF5. Rapid he s promised us for all the back up with give him
  2. Nots so bad lad

    Took a mate out

    Les and me took a member of mag 7 out this morning and what a shot he pulled on the white one a good 50 plus yards ,another member now of our goose team well done lad
  3. Nots so bad lad

    just 1 today

    Been our best season yet only one blank now we have the grounds back next year will be even better, we have all the pigeon shooting too ,best get the best flappers on the market ready the FF5 long live Nick Tait
  4. Nots so bad lad

    Afternoon session

    Me and Le's took two good lads out this afternoon one of them a police man who got his first goose
  5. Nots so bad lad

    2 this morning

    well done on your first goose Lewis well done Les
  6. Nots so bad lad

    5 this morning

    well done chaps while I have been protecting our land at Dewsbury another 5 down to add to the hundreds
  7. Nots so bad lad

    i went to put abit of feed down

    What a season so far Les and still plenty time the winter geese have arrived and all on our door step
  8. Nots so bad lad

    we had a call of one of our farmer s

    off course they are we put them on here for experts like you to moan about try spec savers and get out of your arm chair and go do some crop protection
  9. Nots so bad lad

    we had a call of one of our farmer s

    Do you think we shoot 40 stock doves and post them for all the world to see their out of the Town big flocks of ferals get to spec savers mate
  10. Nots so bad lad

    we had a call of one of our farmer s

    Thanks Pal
  11. Nots so bad lad

    Morning s decoying

    Les and me were back out this morning we decoyed a few on what is left of a corn field they have been eating we finished with 4 greylag and 6 Canada s
  12. Nots so bad lad

    flighting this morning

    les and me gave a new flightline ago this morning we got 3 down, and a good suss out for the morning session
  13. Nots so bad lad

    we had a call of one of our farmer s

    Cheers Pal
  14. Les and me turned out for 1 oclock to protect some drillings we put just 2 FF5s out and 6 dead birds by 4 oclock when we finished we had 42 ferals and 40 woodies down another electric afternoon,back on the geese in the morning
  15. Nots so bad lad

    Little Afternoon Session

    Les and me set up at lunchtime with the famous deadly FF5 flappers from Nick Tait we were steady away for 35 woodies and 2 ferals not bad to say a Red tail Kite kept us company