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  1. Good morning all, Having recently acquired a new rifle in 260Rem i am looking at developing a load for it. Initial development has been done, this was done down south, however i am looking for somewhere to do some fine tuning and final zeroing. I have recently moved to Central Scotland area so am looking for a range that is open to the public i can use to finish the process off. The one closest to me is a members only range and i don't really want to have to pay for membership for just one session on the range. Does anyone know if there are any that are pay and play in the area? Cheers, Stu.
  2. stu847

    Dog and ferrets available for falconers.

    Hi, Yeah i understand most people are finishing up now. Thanks you for the offer would be much appreciated. He has not been around birds of prey but he's a very quick learner. He's is stock broken including chickens so wouldn't for see any problems. cheers
  3. Hi guys been on this forum for little while now, gleaned a lot of information from some very knowledgeable sources. Mostly the wildfowling and ferreting sections. So thanks for that Have no idea if this is of use to anyone but thought id try give a little back if possible. I have recently moved to Scotland, West Lothian area. I have a german wire-haired pointer and 3 ferrets. I am available most weekends and feel i could help anyone that flies falcons and does not have access either dog or ferrets. I have always been fascinated by birds of prey and the way they are used. Unfortunately i do not feel i could dedicate the time to such a great animal so i would be a great privilege to watch anyone work their bird. Clearly if the dogs and ferrets get a nice run about then that is a bonus. Like i say i have no idea if this is of use to anyone and i'm sure most people who use falcons/Hawks have things in place but thought i would offer it out anyway. Cheers. Stu.
  4. stu847

    Where To Shoot?

    Morning guys newbie here, I have recently moved up past the wall and into Scotland. West Lothian area to be more exact. I am aware of the slightly differing access laws in this part of the world but find it quite confusing, yes i can be quite simple at times. My question is 1, where am i able to undertake our chosen sport in my area, are there any good clubs to join for guidance. 2, where would people recommend to go, am more than willing to travel for a good area or any area for that matter. I currently live in pembrokeshire so my fowling at the moment is on the estuary here as part on Pembrokeshire wildfowling association. Thanks in advance Stu
  5. stu847

    Ferret Finder Mk3M

    hi mate I've Pm'd you.