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  1. Do you make the 2 peice bulldogs? Thanks

  2. shaun2009

    Best Collars , Leads And Equipment?

    You wont beat these leads made from pvc coated steel wire rope ive had the same one for over 2 years and theres no sign of ware and tare whatsoever
  3. shaun2009

    liverpool area

    were about in lpool mate send me your number
  4. hahaha is it that time of the month cody
  5. shaun2009

    FAO DFK.....some recent pics of Tilly

    how tall is he bud? looks racier than Tilly. 25 mate
  6. shaun2009

    FAO DFK.....some recent pics of Tilly

    this is the latest pic mate ill get another one up soon
  7. shaun2009

    wheaton bull grey

    wheaton whippet grey x bull grey
  8. shaun2009

    wheaton cross

    wheaton whippet grey x bull grey 4months old
  9. shaun2009

    FAO keano

    what x r they mate
  10. i hope your not that fukin peddler whos peddler
  11. hows the pup coming on mate?

  12. shaun2009

    Lurcher pups

    belter that mate send me your number, have you got any pictures of the sire?
  13. wats the white dog youve got mate

  14. shaun2009

    lurcher pups

    were are you mate