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    ive been working terriers for the pasted 23 years.im also a boxer which takes up most of my time..and the rest of the time..im out with the dogs.

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  1. good old lace to toe fell boots..last a life time
  2. ive been trying to get the forums on here on my phone..typed in huntinglifeforums.com and had no joy, can anyone help me out and me know what to put in? many thanks steven
  3. a line begins from offspring out of sire x dam bred by yourself.
  4. good post..red dog looks well.
  5. this site cracks me up..this pictures not from a winter dig..
  6. what is needed to breed terriers for work..is to breed only from the right type and for the right reasons
  7. nice type mate..very similar to a middleton terrier i had over 20 years ago,good luck with him.. hope he does the business for you.
  8. hello mate.. yes i use these wellies..they are very good wellies i wear them most days..had them nearly two years now they have had some stick and when their done i will be getting another pair.
  9. I see what you are saying although a good fit cocker can work solid all day as long as you take a few mars bars in case it starts going in to hypoglysemic shock. Its a bit of a toss up really as a foxhound is a little bit big and a Beagle isnt a choice i personally favour and a straight Harrier would be a little to quick over open land when on scent, thats why i was wanting to know what the cross is like from experience of owning and working them. What a load of sh1t. webby you feckin crack me up..
  10. j. darcy the book is very interesting..really good book. well done
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