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  1. I got bags off stuff to mix in with wheat called hold em drive, has kibbled maize, sunflower seeds, aniseed and other stuff mixed in.
  2. Okay cheers for that, am still waiting to find out if they have arrived with it or if its something pick up, but not long had them.
  3. What calibre off rifle is that, nice looking bit off kit, Is the thumbhole stock better than other stocks? Was looking at one other day
  4. Okay. The vet gave me pulmodox, as was only thing he had to try and help, powder for water, and yeah this bloddy weather na helping, raining again today. What sort off price is the denegard?
  5. Whats the best cure for Hexamita? Have got partridges with hexamita, just found out result today from lab
  6. Have a look at the sportsman gun centre on web, they have a 22-250's for sale, raging from 300 - 700, mixture off rifles too, savage, howa, cz, winchester and remington. I'm looking to get as well but thinking along the remington line as heard good reports.
  7. 1 or 2 lampshy ones here but most will look at light and sit for bit, often too far out in middle of sown park or ploughed park and can't get near them, but reckon will have maybe 60 by end off year
  8. Okay so now up to 47 foxes and still seeing 7-8's at night, last 15 have all been vixens. Was another 3 last night.
  9. Did he get blooded for his first stag? Good looking stag too, well done
  10. i know what your saying,mine came in at 5lb pull out of the box ,i sent mine off and had it set down to 3lb ,made a big difference,i think they do a kit for yours (rimfire magic) http://www.rimfirema...igger_kits.html , not sure if its the right one though,pipcock Okay cheers for that will have a look. The trouble I had was that when adjusted for start I couldn't get the safety to then work, was permantly on, no use so he adjusted but still na happy with it, although have got use to it but would like it down a bit
  11. Thought about a Benelli, was looking at 1 at game fair down at scone, can't mind what price it was, what are they coming in at, new or second, how many shots does the one you got hold?
  12. Have got down on my firearms to get a multi shot shotgun, Whats the best out there and what sort off prices are they coming in at? Probably be looking to spend maybe around the 500 to 650 price range. Cheers
  13. Got a weatherby vanguard 243 with leupold 3-9x50 scope, with wildcat mod, does the job for me, only thing don't like is trigger is na best and can't get it adjusted anymore than already is
  14. Think combination off all 3, snaring, terriers and lamping will help, I do a lot off lamping and so far since being at this job from start off june have had 38 foxes, mostly lamping, but I do enjoy the den time watching the terriers work and getting vixen and cubs then back at night for the dog. Suppose everyone has there own ways off sorting out the foxes
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