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    Jagd Terriers,

    You obviously have a computer Big Bill so why ask advice on this breed of terrier here rather than look up the massive amount of data that already exists ? I think we all know about the German Hunt Terrier. Product of the insane thinking in Germany in 1930's to claim everything that is strong and good as German and that the working terrier as an ancient Germanic type of dog rather than a relatively modern English type of dog. So they imported terriers white Fox terriers from England and with the use of an unlimited budget isolated the black and tan gene that the Fox Terrier still carried ( and still does ). white being the wrong colour for a hunting dog in Germany. Why they didn't just import Lakeland or Welsh Terriers has never been explained. The German Hunt Terrier is no better or no worse any other type of terrier. Good breeding and strain is everything. The only difference I can see is that you will pay about £300 more a pup for the " New" breed. Coals to Newcastle ? when my pal told me he was of to buy one of these dogs and the price of it , i did have a quick look on the computer about them aswell as youtube and to be honest i wasnt inpressed at all on how some of the folk work/use them but was inpressed with this type of dog if used as a earth dog ?, ile keep my opinion to myself thou, all i was asking on here was to any lads that work them in the uk was how they rated them as a digging dog but also happy to see the pics of these dogs of the lads that have replyed to this topic that work them out of the uk , my pal bought the dog as he was desparate after loosing his only digging bitch and to be fair he has had his work cut out with how it is with it been 6/7mth old when he bought it but it is coming on for him, it will be given a good chance to prove it self and then my pal will make his mind up wethers its for him or not, rother, the only thing ive to struggle with pal is throwning the soil out of the hole if the dogs make it but im quite happy to see the dog go home with him rather then with me ? , atb ,

    Jagd Terriers,

    the young dog is coming on fine, noisy in kennels at first but has settled down now, still abit noisy on lead while out just walking him as all he wants to do is work but if he aloud to run free he just fucks of, he 100 mile an hour and just wants to work, we have had him ratting and first time out you would of thought the dog had done plenty of work at them and probably killed more then other dogs, whilst out at the rats the dog was running free and where we were theres afew deer about and the dog got on scent and just pinned his ears back and did one, when we found him about half hour later he was to ground in a little 3 holer and not a sound from him, when we dug to him he was locked on but on arse end, think he might of took abit if he had met the sharp end as he very head strong and can be with other dogs aswell, dont think my pal will be able to make him stock steady as the dog just wants to kill most thing it sees so he might be abit of a liability and he'll have to pick his spots to take him, to be honest i wouldnt own the dog but im happy to dig to him and then see my pal take him home also the dog is only 9 an half month old so we'll just have to see how he goes this season coming whether he worth keeping or not ?

    Jagd Terriers,

    thanks for the replys, some cracking pics

    Jagd Terriers,

    heres the pedigree he got with it

    Jagd Terriers,

    yes pal,

    Jagd Terriers,

    my pal just taken a chance and bought a 7mth old dog to run on, just something new but to be honest he/we know nothing about them and was wondering if anyone in Britain works them and how do you rate them as a digging dog over here, the dog will be given a chance to prove its self when its ready but would be nice to hear from others thats seen them work and what do they think of these dogs, heres afew pics of him,

    Chocolate Patterdales

    not owned by me and to be honest there not my type, this is a young bitch thats showing promise and was a pleasure to see work as is any working terrier, she only had 2 easy do's so hopefully next season she only get better,

    The Recent Ratting Outing

    love abit of ratting, very good number and well done the dogs, bet the farmer will save afew quid not feeding them little fuckers anymore, atb

    Who Needs A Terrier!

    WTF saying that, ive to do that most times im out when terrier jacks to get a result got to agree with NC thou,
  10. i try to rear something every year but this year i reared 2 geese but it turned out to be a waste of time, i got them from nearly day olds and got them to 9 and 11lb when i weighed them but one decided to hang itself on some wire while it was reaching for some leafs on a climber that was growing up wire, so i decided to cull the other at the same time, i then hung them in cellar for 2 days, when i started to pluck them they stank rotten , i hadnt gutted them straight away and they had started to go of as it was abit mild at the time but i thought they'd be ok, i wont make that mistake again , ive managed to get hold of a lump of venison from a fallow to put me on but would of preferred a nice goose,
  11. BIG BILL

    Snow Pics, Lets See Them.

    from last year, love to see this after ive accidentally dropped them , hope its not too long before we get the snow again
  12. BIG BILL

    3 Digs With Young Dog

    well done that dog, hope he keeps it up for you
  13. BIG BILL


    KIZZY, a terrier bitch i had that i was proud to own,
  14. BIG BILL

    Young Un,s For Next Season

    some very nice terriers you have between you's, heres 3 of ours, all around 13mth if i can remember right and all from same litter