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  1. i think God created himself.....after all he created eveything didn't he,problem solved!
  2. Bit of a long shot but here goes.I need some one to pick up an item I won on ebay.,it was collection in person I have contacted seller and offered more money for the item plus postage costs if he could post but he s not cooperating.The item is somewhere in coundon, Warwickshire and I have yet to get the full address as he's not responded to my offer yet.Is anyone living in that area or nearby able to help collect and send on to my address as I live too far away to pick up,I will pay someone for the help plus post and packing charges,in case seller is still not obliging,please pm if preferred.,thanks for reading this guys.
  3. Need to satisfy a few requirements before letting dog go........
  4. Giving dog Away,.....only to right member on thl never been tried nor spoilt,would like to be there on his first dig.,..
  5. Is it just the one or do you have more?
  6. Nice work rake about,mine looks like it had been made without the swirls on the hilt guard or it was cut off at some point,thanks for that.
  7. Im also into metal detecting but dont know much about knives?swords just interested in finding out more so i can let him know what it might be>
  8. IT S too heavy for using as a general?utility knife i was thinking short sword type like you said<i
  9. it feels solid and one piece and the handle is heavy metal looks like brass but could some other metal,is it a military knife or some other type?
  10. Can anyone id this Knife as i am trying to find out for someone.It was found on their farm and only recently he showed it to me so i took these pics but so far i can t find anything info about it. Close up of handle.
  11. i ve got a large piece of foam i could donate, at least it floats.
  12. i ve never worn one but just thought i d mention natural anti inflammatory products such as Turmeric capsules and Green Tea capsules seem to have a lot of benefits,might be worth a try,just google them and see what the effects are.
  13. I have a Juwel fish tank almost 6ft long with a custom made stand that my pal had made.The tank cost 700 and he had the stand made for 200,i have also got an external Eheim marine/freshwater filter which cost me 250.The filter needs a bit of attention but parts are available for it from most good fish shops. I m looking for a reasonable offer around 300 ONO for a quick sale and buyer must collect.Im in the Manchester area.Pm for phone no and details of collection etc. The tank has been empty for a good while so will need a clean up mostly algae and sand removal,also i have various bits and bobs for aquarium.
  14. RIP Mr Cowan. One of the best terriers i ever hunted with was from Cowan bloodlines in my avatar.
  15. I ve enjoyed your videos Minkenry i m impressed with your patience and dedication,love the vids of hunting with Missy.Thought this was going to be a wind up thread,but it s turned out to be one of the best i ve read and enjoyed.I have hand tamed a Stoat before and hand caught weasels,they are fast and hurt when they bite for their size,didn t think you would be ale to do what you do with mink,keep up yr interesting sport ,atb pal.
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