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  1. Not come across any at the tip as we're only killing on top , no need to root for them. Had a few on the local farms in short stopends,
  2. A couple more sessions to keep boredom at bay and the dogs on their toes. Seems to be more rats than ever at the tip, scary at times.
  3. Always put my carrots a year after in the salad plot, and add a few bags of sharp sand. Feed early season with steeped nettles mid season steeped comfrey .
  4. At the back of the glider.........rivacre.....
  5. Here's one of pablos , just outside the port. And this "must" be his spade.
  6. Understand all the reasons behind vermin control, and pictures to prove a point. But putting up pics of rifled gear will only serve to wind people up on a working terrier forum imo. A rifle shot fox to a dogman is like a roost shot peasant to a gun.
  7. Yer a cheeky b*****d calling yourself a dogman , never mind Genuine.
  8. I'm on the Wirral gnipper, the formby spot is hard won and kept to ourselves.
  9. No worries D, we'll do the tip next should be a good day. The Sunday after next, before the cover gets up
  10. Back to farm yard ratting, still plenty about the stack yards and surrounding ditches.
  11. Do you have a terrier omanyra or do you concentrate on the camera . Find it hard to get good shots of the dogs and work with them , maybe the team needs an Omanyra..... My best effort of a close up
  12. The tyre could not have been in a more perfect position.
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