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  1. Hi I'm looking at other places to see if can get passed Where abouts on ticket does it say it's an open ticket at gun shop told me I ad an open ticket on my first one but Carnt see it on my ticket all I can see is land deemed suitable by chief officer
  2. Hi mate thanks for that I'm looking a springer for next season I know few people who work them n few keepers so going see if they can recommend ad good breeder or someone who got a litter of working stuff think sprinter would suit all my ground
  3. Hi what's the best gun dogs you own/owned I'm been out shooting with spaniels enjoyed it I would like a pointer my self for shooting and working to flush stuff out for my bird of prey ect What would you recommend best dog would be
  4. That's what I thought but the fao said wasn't suitable so never really bothered question him about it but after five years thought was open ticket n local gun shop said it was an open ticket I got my permission not in same county as my local police force but will try agine and ask
  5. Cheers barky il give them a call mite try fine out if can one my other farms passed
  6. Sorry mate trying write and look after me little lad yer passed for 17 hmr but said it's not suitable for 223 what rifle you recommend try go for 222 or would it be same for 222 not sure how to find out what rifles it's past for
  7. Hi how do I find out what rifles are past on farm as got 17hmr on it but couldn't get 223 on it mite try 222 farm is hills n woods 750 acres would it be worth finding more land to get bigger rifle coming up to my 3rd year renewal
  8. cheers mate not sure been about 6 years since i last went think it was in may think it was only fishing tackle
  9. does any one know when the fishing fair on at chatworth near buxton think its in may sometime need to get some new takle thanks
  10. [bANNED TEXT] u up to [bANNED TEXT] going out with the dogs tomoz

  11. a up jamie its mike hows u [bANNED TEXT]

  12. hi mate look on youtube dave cammis tyes good ones type fly tying
  13. wishes this fog would go away

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    2. terrierman 1

      terrierman 1

      so can can see out with rifle [bANNED TEXT]

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