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  1. Still use dip works great
  2. Yours are in good nick aswell proper grub
  3. Well done, keep him at it, let him see the first one get away down the beam, he'll forever watch it then
  4. Fox dog

    Bull terrier

    The missus, come on lad this is what it boils down to put your foot down stand your ground
  5. I'd say they don't run miles when on a line, handy like that unlike full beagle
  6. Any good on bigger game? Handy dog walking ditches,
  7. No good at all chemicals and poison, and if your lucky to make it to a hospital would they be familiar and be able to treat you I guess not
  8. How's this stuff work attack lungs heart??
  9. Fair point, seem to always get them in the cages this time of year and on off till march weather dependant, once the cage is closed game over till reset
  10. For kennel areas your thoughts please, anybody use these A24 Rat Traps - 5 Pack from Goodnature Traps UK GOODNATURETRAPS.CO.UK Priced at a bulk rate, Goodnature 5-Packs are great value. They bundle together five traps and...
  11. Anyone work small pack??
  12. Pieps yellow/green Pieps old red one and Barry vox are great the brick not too my liking, the bvox loud as other 2 and the brick silent and temperamental
  13. There's lads that have them numbers that's my point, you say Bayer, hard find good Bayer now days
  14. Exactly, it has be the case breeding and churning out more crap
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