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  1. 393 are correct for the transmitter that screws shut. There was a push shut mk2 that took 394
  2. What's it look like cutting open the liver? I've not seen that on livers before but it's not unusual to see similar looking white flecks in cysts in rabbit muscles. Those muscle cysts are a life stage of a protozoan parasite and I don't feed those rabbits to ferrets. So I don't know about livers but fat accumulation around kidneys comes away leaving no mark on the kidney or skin
  3. Another vote for letting them put on weight. Ferrets should be looking great at this time of year with a dense coat. You never know what's coming, tough weather, illness etc winter is hard on little critters
  4. I've had 2 vasectomised hobs over the years, The most Jill's I had in the group was 5. in the first year for the hob and also the last couple of their life they didn't do a perfect job. I don't keep records but do remember needing the occasional Jill jabbed up. It works perfectly when hob and Jill are in prime of their lives
  5. Really appreciate that, thanks. It's helpful, I need to check an anatomy book. I have a lot of time for our vets practice, one of few independents left in the region and after years with my ferrets and a nearby rescue they are good on them. The problem I find with running dogs is the needs and expectations we have are a world away from what's ok for a pet owner. On a run up this dog looks fine to a vet, but he can't tolerate braking or turning at speed without a little moan and then pulling up, lifting his leg
  6. Just on 3rd day. Last time I experienced a similar issue it took 3 attempts with first rests not long enough, needed 3 months on lead in the end
  7. X ray is the next move if this injury doesn't settle in the next 5 days.
  8. Know that's more in the price range I was looking for
  9. Early days so I am glass half full hoping rest and anti inflammatory drugs will work. Good idea to consider other options,
  10. Hi to all Does anyone have experience of the anti inflammatory Previcox (ai Firocoxib)? Rubbish start to our year with my collie lurcher picking up a wrist injury. Not settling so I've been to the vets and got prescribed this. Just interested if it performs any differently to other anti inflammatory
  11. Reckon you nailed it there. Maybe we might not be rabbiting if there had been this level of electronic entertainment alternatives as kids. And I took both my kids out, they loved it until about 10 years, getting dirty, digging, handling animals etc. But no one else was interested and they didn't carry on
  12. definitely not for anyone after a "point and shoot" dog.
  13. He looks fabulous. I love them and found them great companions and ferreting dogs. Unsurprisingly incredible stamina which is a mixed blessing as you get older . You'll have a lot of fun I am sure.
  14. Our whippet is 11 months, out last week with our collie greyhound in Hampshire, as its pan flat where I live and they rarely see a hill it was a culture shock for them. Back home, Its still incredibly dry here and the ground is rock hard so I am holding off entering the whippet at night. Not just hard ground though, the whippet is completely fearless and has already hit fences twice while mooching about so unless he shows signs of self awareness out ferreting, I may not take him out at night at all this winter
  15. Good description of how to make it work. TBH If I hadnt tried it second time on a large warren i might have persisted
  16. These are the two that I use. The Burgon Ball spade is phenomenal, it's also quite heavy so if I am on my own I leave that in the car and take the roughneck.
  17. I tried using a hob on a line as a teenager in late 70s. I had a good lurcher and terrier but even watching them and listening a lot, digging was essentially random. Just one outing convinced me line ferreting was a shit idea. Yes the Jill moved, I had a harness on the hob and first time on a Warren with few holes I could pull him out (without rabbit) , second time he was in a long way and I had to dig a pilot hole then follow line, dig another hole and poke around with a bramble to locate him . To hit the tunnel the first hole needed to be quite near the entrance and finding him took l
  18. I've encountered this attitude from female dog owners several times and it's actually bloody worrying .
  19. Got to say disappointed not more experiences written on this thread. I have never had a dog castrated but of 12 dogs in 42 years, 8 were bitches, I've two dogs now and one is a massive PIA so I feel your pain, Frank's dad. It's crossed my mind that castration would sort a few things. Equally I don't want to take the edge of performance and all the pet dogs I've seen spayed or castrated seem out of shape after the ops
  20. Some good advice already. I favour ferreting for entering, lamping early on needs everything on the dogs side, I don't have any rough grass permission and on sports ground or good seedbeds in cereal crops, rabbits are a tough challenge unless the weather is lousy. What I will add is; however long it takes don't give up on your dog. If it's not seen another take a rabbit it's got to work it out and it will
  21. I also find the MK3 much better. Still, 2nd hand prices are crazy and for anyone starting out I reckon a MK1 locator is better than nothing. Just don't get any WD40 anywhere near them
  22. Another frontline user.. it's the best on ticks although if you can see them I pull them out. It's inevitable ferrets will bring a lot of fleas back from a day out rabbiting. I only treat mine about once a month in season and not at all in summer. By the time you get home the fleas wlll have fed and later will drop off into bedding. For me It's really important to clean bedding chambers and boxes about 24 -48 hours after ferreting. It's a simple disinfectant wipe into corners and swap straw / wash fleece
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