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  1. Can you pm me a contact number please as the number I've got isn't working cheers
  2. still got two bottles from last year in the fridge do you think theyll still be drinkable?
  3. 2 years too late bud Thank Christ Dogger you sell any more clothes you will be running about naked in the woods got loads of stuff i could be getting rid off lost a lot of weight
  4. You getting back into the birds again ?. nah hearts not in it at the mo
  5. are they not quite flighty?
  6. dinny eat so much then
  7. old boy ferreting in the 70,s eh that would be THE ONE lol
  8. sorry to say but none of them look like the real deal there just dark poleys
  9. mate of mine had a proper pair he knows who he is they were twice the size of ferrets and could bite throu a welders glove lol but he had the knack of shoving a chicken leg in there gob before they got him lol
  10. Be a change from a pint of lager tops thou ?????? chinese meal 3 bottles of proseco and a bottle of elderflower champagne not bad for a school night
  11. had a bottle last night for my birthday it takes longer to open it due to the fizz than it does to drink it lol
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