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  1. Cracking that anyway, good night, I’m off to bed because I’m going out at sparrow fart, not been out at first light for ages
  2. I’ve just done a search for her on tinternet and she’s clearly a very good business woman, because if you aren’t putting your credit card details in there’s nothing, I found 1 picture and that one you can’t see her face
  3. Few jobs around a livery yard, this place was one of the first jobs I did with my mate about 15 years ago, built the whole place, everything from putting roads in too the arena and stables, this is where all the self made rich girls in the area keep their horses ( when I say self made at least 3 of them do onlyfans) one was telling me she makes around 12k a month off onlyfans plus other modelling work, she’s apparently in the daily star next week ( classy ) fair play to them I wish some would pay me to take my kit off instead of the missus telling me to put some pants on, anyway I could of be
  4. In that case I’m 36 instead of 44, that’s made me feel better and less like I’m falling to bits
  5. It’s a bit to hot to be up on a roof putting this down, burning my hands pulling it about
  6. Just finished off another little patio and a load of fencing, off now to put some fake grass on a balcony
  7. It’s crazy how many deer are on his land, we were out maybe a couple of hours just on one spot maybe about 40 acres or so and although we only seen one buck we could of shot easily half a dozen doe’s, they were literally walking past us no more than 15 foot away, we’re going back up tonight and maybe we’ll walk a bit more of the farm where we know there’s other deer, longshanx is the only person that shoots deer on there and only takes one when he wants one so there’s no pressure on them
  8. Been out a fair bit lately but haven’t been taking my phone, tonight I did and it was a trip out with longshanx up to his place on the lookout for a buck, we got to a small spinney that he knows holds a nice group of roe, we thought we knew where they would come out but as we made our way there one of the farm hands turned up to gather bails, within a few minutes a couple of doe’s came out on the side of the wood and were followed by a buck, sadly this fella was over 300 yards away and didn’t hang about, running back into the cover and pushing another doe out, we gave it until last light but t
  9. Doesn’t look owt special but tasted good, chicken breast, mini roast spuds, with a tomato, spinach and garlic cheesey sauce
  10. Not bad, does taste a bit like something I’d drink down the park when I was a kid, but it brings back good memories, not as nice as the Henry Weston
  11. What a waste, I’d have the Uzi for a bit of spray and pray rabbiting, I might hit a few more
  12. Chicken, courgette, tomato with wholemeal pasta and a sh*t load of roasted garlic, nice
  13. bloody lockdown, there firing kids out left right and centre,
  14. Another new one on me, definitely cider weather
  15. Shocking service that, I know someone who has just renewed down here and they did it well within the time and didn’t even get a visit, the FEO just rang him to ask if anything had changed, when he said no and that everything was the same his tickets were with him 48 hours later
  16. I hope you told him how bad their service is, you should of had them months ago
  17. Up to the shoot this morning early to try and beat the flies, turns out they get up earlier than me, so I’ve finished the pen repairs and redone the pop holes, I’ve just the IBC’s to fill with water and the electric fences to go on, all that’s left to come down now is the wheat and apparently that’s coming down this week, now the barley, rape and oats are all combined I can see a lot more and I’m surprised at how many young are about, I went over on the rape stubbles and there was 2 groups of young red legs about 20 in all, they will of come from what next door put down last year and a group o
  18. Another Sunday, another beef dinner, I think I’ve had the same thing on a Sunday for the past month, just as well I like it
  19. Proper smart that you really have to go some to kill a Honda XR air cooled lump, they have never really changed anything on them because they just work
  20. It’s definitely a supply chain issue that pushing the used vehicle prices up, when the missus ordered her new car yesterday they told her 6-8 months, they couldn’t even give her a build week because they are already a couple of months behind in Germany
  21. It’s crazy how much every has increased in value, I sold my 54 reg ktm 660 about 10 years ago to a mate for 2k he sold it with a lot more mileage and a few more scratches for £3200 last year, used vehicle prices have shot up, bikes and cars, I was in Audi with the missus yesterday to see about ordering her new car, she has a 2 year old S3 at the minute and they offered her 35k for it, in 2 years it just about lost the VAT when they told her what it was worth I could see her eyes light up and went straight for a A5 convertible black edition at 53 grand, how the other half live
  22. I’ve had loads of 250 2 strokes but out of all of them that’s the one I wish I still had, it was definitely the fastest 2 stroke I’ve had, used to go through pistons like nobody’s business though, I sold it to a 15 year old lad and I used to see him flying around the streets on it, after that I got a Yamaha 426 and that was a completely different animal
  23. I wish I hadn’t sold mine, very easy bike to ride and a lot of fun, I think I sold it for about 1000 quid, definitely be worth more than that now, I had a road legal Suzuki RMX 250 and that was a mental bike to ride on the road, in the end I took all the road gear off it and just used it off road before I killed myself, I think that was an early 90’s, it was a grey import on a Q plate
  24. Chicken and mushroom risotto with garlic soda bread toast
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