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  1. No squirrel feeders because the buggers hammer my pheasant feeders, I’m starting to see a lot now, I just don’t have the time to sit and wait for them, shot 2 today once I’d zeroed the .22 and I suppose they all count
  2. Have you just spent time putting foil around a funnel to take that picture you have to much time on your hands
  3. There’s a lot of disease around here at the minute, I was talking to next doors keeper and he said micro plasma is in his birds and looking at one I found today it showed all the signs apart from it wasn’t stick thin, my keeper mate on a commercial told me another bacterial infection that his birds have got but I can’t remember the name of it, he said they are all looking for other job’s because they have been told it will be scaled down next season, he thinking of taking a position on a family shoot in Devon, it doesn’t look like things will improve any time soon
  4. Up feeding today and although I found a couple of dead what I seen that was upright was looking in good nick, they were very hungry as I tend to leave them a bit longer after we have shot to let them make their way home, if we only had a couple of days left I would of been over the moon with what I seen, Gordon’s pen, piggeries ruff side, tip drive and roadside drive are holding the majority of the birds at the minute so they will be the main drives a week on Saturday and hopefully the following Saturday ( Christmas shoot ) they will still be holding birds as that’s my day when I put on the ho
  5. They are an odd bunch the game shooters, they turn up a few times a year and expect everything to go to plan and don’t seem to have any idea how much work goes into it
  6. I totally agree with you, but the way it is at the minute it seems we are fighting a losing battle, I’ve just been to the farm and lad there said the same thing, in his head it needs a break but there’s a lot of jobs at stake, it would affect him also as he supplies a lot of feed wheat, there just doesn’t seem a way out of it, I’m up at the shoot now and I’ve already found 2 dead just on the tracks we’ll just carry on as in my mind the best thing to do is shoot what you can
  7. That micro plasma has never gone away, I’m still seeing birds up at the shoot with it, I’ve found a couple that have scratched themselves blind, it doesn’t seem as prevalent as previous years but I do think it wouldn’t do game shooting any harm to have a season off
  8. I’ve never come across that, they have brought loads of new products out to look after it, anti bacterial shampoos, people think that once it’s down, that’s it, but you need to look after it, keep it clean and brush it, some that I’ve put down a couple of years ago still look new because it’s been looked after, the one I repaired today has been down about 6 months and it looks terrible, covered in bird sh*t and full of weeds
  9. It’s not looking good, 2 more confirmed cases around us, at the minute we are ok but I’d be surprised if we see the season out, as SL said it’s not been good from the start although we got a percentage of what we normally put down they were not the quality we expected from the supplier and were basically give a mix of ages of what he had left
  10. It looks nice in the right place, this is a really modern barn conversion so it suits it, I don’t think I’d put it down in my garden because even if you put the most expensive stuff down it still looks like fake grass, it’s really good if you have dogs or for kids to play on because it dries out really quickly and you can wash it
  11. He’s an absolute clown he put an off cut of grass down, then put his log burner on it and couldn’t work out that the log burner would get hot and melt the grass
  12. The customer burnt it, all I could do was cut it out and put a bit of an off cut in, it’s not even the same grass but apart from replacing the lot, there was nothing else I could do
  13. I’ll second that, nobody put better posts on here than Mr Bernard Sausage, a proper country shooter and a bloody nice bloke always happy to share his knowledge
  14. Grass down, secured and sanded, even patched the burnt bit, you can still see it but it’s better than a lump of melted plastic
  15. If you want to PM me your credit card details I’ll make sure you get full access
  16. You mean Goose no, joe didn’t bring him, that little tw*t will run right through the drive you are doing and carry on and do the one you are doing next
  17. That picture was for your eyes only, from now on if any of you want to see more, grab your credit cards and check out my onlyfans
  18. I can do the sloe gin but port is just rank, I like a bramble gin and Prosecco but don’t tell anyone in case people get the wrong impression of me
  19. Bit more fake grass today at the place we built the underground room and fake grassed the roof, jimmy, the owner asked if the grass on the roof could be repaired because he put his log burner on it and didn’t think it would burn it ITS MADE OF PLASTIC, JIMMY, YOU THICK TW*T
  20. jack, all the young lads have mullets, it must be the new thing
  21. Chicken and veg pie tonight with a lovely white wine, cream and thyme sauce
  22. Saturday was our second day, I was there just as the sun was rising to feed round and have a look what was where before the guns arrived first drive was the usual “ tip drive “ I seemed to have a lot of beaters this week and a few wild dogs, from the minute we set off birds were getting up over the guns, 5 minutes into the drive I heard some shots at the end of the drive turns out that one of the members dogs had ran right through the drive putting a few birds up, luckily it only did the top and he managed to get it back on a lead, we finished that drive with a flurry of birds at a go
  23. all gone a bit mad this, this is why I normally don’t comment on such matters, if you are happy with your own life why does it matter what anyone else is doing, I’m sending you all a virtual man hug, do with it as you please
  24. They do, you don’t go with men because it repulses you and that’s fine, same as a gay person is sometimes repulsed by the opposite sex, that’s also fine, but them bisexual’s are just plain greedy
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