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  1. Sat in the back garden having a whiskey, listening to the birds after embarrassing myself on a night out on the foxes, first one, didn’t see it until the last minute because I was looking over the top of it, I couldn’t of kicked it, second one, a cub, clean miss, it wasn’t even that far away, if you don’t hear from me for a bit, it’s because I’m sat in a dark room rocking back and forwards crying
  2. Yeah, genuinely the first time I’ve done it, I know it’s nowhere near as skilled as laying bricks but I’m pretty chuffed with how it looks I mentioned going up another course but he hasn’t got enough stone, everything in the village is built from sandstone so he’s going to ask about to see if anyone has any laying around
  3. Happy with how this has turned out, took me longer than someone who knows what they are doing, but I don’t think it’s bad for a first attempt
  4. Mince and dumpling, 4 hours in the oven, lovely
  5. I consider myself lucky up here to be under Cleveland firearms, they have always ( up to now ) been very easy to deal with and very knowledgeable when you ask any questions, there’s none of this, we’ll get back to you , the ammo thing with what you can hold is stupid, I bet what it says on my ticket is different to a lot of other peoples, I bet not one person has had a FEO counting rounds when they get a visit and on another note, the closed ticket thing also baffles me, why would someone who is deemed safe to use a firearm on one piece of land not be considered responsible enough to know if t
  6. Yeah, I’ve just spoke to longshanx, he’s just renewed, they rang him yesterday and as nothing has changed they did it all over the phone and said it will be with him in a couple of days, it’s mad, they all do the same job and follow the same guidance
  7. So you can’t buy ammo or receive it from anyone else because you don’t have a ticket to sign it onto but if you reload you just crack on as normal and you are well within your right to stock up to your limit before your extension expires, what a complete shambles, I’m sure you won’t run out of ammo, but they are taking the pi*s with these renewals I think there’s 2 years left on mine, I’d better get it sent in now
  8. I’ve never heard anything so stupid, if they spent less time issuing extensions and temporary permits and just got on with the renewals they wouldn’t be in this mess, as for a temporary permit where you can’t buy ammo that’s a new one on me, what’s the point of that, instead of giving you a temporary permit just renew the bloody FAC they seem to be giving themselves more work by not doing the job they are paid to do
  9. Little Yorkshire stone wall today, I’m pleased with how it’s turned out, just got to mirror it on the other side now
  10. That’s a shame, I’d look like a string of sausages
  11. In the interests of fairness I got her indoors to pick a name from my hat, first off she looked at me like I was a dick, but when I said I’d get her a doughnut and a drink so she didn’t have to move, she soon got on board and the winner is FOXHUNTER
  12. This is just getting plain fu*king weird now, I’m going to pick a name from my gimp mask, I mean my hat and put an end to this
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