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Found 69 results

  1. My doctor has just informed me that all members in the practice have taken a stance and are no longer signing FAC applications and or renewals anyone else had same issue and any advice ??
  2. I have seen Lurchers used for bits of roughshooting but nothing on them tracking deer. Just wondering if anyone here had any stories or information.
  3. Mickey Finn

    Angry Buck

    This was a strange buck. I have some permission on a small farm owned by two of the best people I've ever met. So, when I stop by to visit the conversation runs pretty long. This means I get set up late in my stand. I use a climber so this has to be packed out and set up. I was sitting on the corner of standing corn, and the wood lot. There were just enough acorns falling to maybe entice a few deer to leave the corn. About 20 minutes into my sit I saw this guy and I thought I would pass. But he lingered in the area and attacked every deer that tried to cross from the corn to the acorns. We are talking maybe 6 or 7 deer. As the light faded he moved to the corner of the corn and made a scrape. That's all I could take. So, I slowly stood up and as quietly as I could I switched around so I was facing the tree and could shoot to the corn side. Well just then he moved off and jumped a fence to the neighboring property. Then he jumped back and seemed to be following my trail past my blind? So, as quietly as I could I slowly turned around yet again facing into the wood lot. As soon as I was in position there he was and I let fly. I heard a perfect thwack and he jumped like he should and ran about 30 feet to the edge of the corn. There he attacked another deer I had not seen and simply stood there. After I while I got to thinking I screwed up somehow and better shoot him again. Sooo, I rummaged around in my pockets as quietly as I could and found My pull cord. (I'm using a crossbow) and pulled another bolt from my quiver. I had to raise my 57 yo old leg up and over the rifle rest on my stand and insert my foot in the brace to pull the string back to cock it. No sooner had I pulled it back and he bolted into the corn. (I hate corn) I heard him tearing up things in there and thought great he attacking another deer. But it was his death throws and I found him without too much trouble. This was my first ever gut shot so I did screw up.
  4. 2 Big Roe bucks shot with a Sako a7 in .308 using 150gr Hornady bullets. Swarovski Z4i & ELRange. We are on the hunt this week for Roe Bucks. Good numbers of deer on this ground showing some huge heads. In this video we show a great trophy buck taken and a smaller 6 pointer as well. The first buck is a cracking buck still in its youth and the second is only a couple years old but has thrown tremendous antlers for such a young animal. We spotted a big trophy on the same ground earlier in the morning but have decided to leave that for someone else to pull the trigger!
  5. Hello all, my name is Stewart, I live in Angus county, Scotland at the present moment in time, I absolutely love stalking to bits, I have experience working on stalking estates, and the main species being managed on those estates is red deer, I also have experience with grouse, partridge and pheasants. I have my Firearms and Shotgun Licence, and also have a clean driving license and have been passed for 2 years. Recently turned 19 years old, looking for a start as an Estate under/beat/trainee stalker/gamekeeper preferably, but would strongly consider other opportunities in Deer management if seen advertised or offered, prepared to move to any location for a chance in this line of work !!! I have a CV with great references
  6. Hi Everyone My name is David and for several years now I have worked as a Wild Food Chef, I work at school called Hunter Gather Cook where we teach people how to Butcher Prepare and Cook all wild game but more specifically for you guys Deer! If you are stuck for ideas on how to eat your kill I'd be happy to help with any questions, our school regularly has recipes and articles printed in Shooting TImes so the advice you'll be getting will be top notch! Just to get you salivating I have just posted a gallery of last years Dishes on my blog Forage Sussex. I can see 11 different venison dishes in there before getting on to the Rabbit, Pheasant, and Pigeon. Most of the dishes also have Foraged ingredients which would be easy to harvest whilst your out in the field. Finally all of these dishes have been prepared in an off grid kitchen, no electric, no blenders, fridges, microwaves so they are nice and simple. Enjoy!
  7. Does anyone have dsc1 questions in a form that could be shared by email please If so I'm at. Dax@clydedoors.com. Thanks in advance for anyone who does and is happy to share
  8. Does any one know of a store that actually has stock of Schmidt and bender scopes I'm fed up finding everyone's shop showing them but when I call they have none of the scopes that they are advertising ...??? Cheers
  9. Buying tikka t3 varmint soon and im wondering if anyone can reccomend a good moderator for it something not too heavy please as the gun is heavy enough
  10. Hi guys Im looking to purchase first rifle and have been using my mate tikka t3 lite at the moment but as the license draws nearer i need to decide on a gun for myself and i have been looking at the tikka t3 lite and the sako 85 finnlight can anyone let me know if they have any info on the finnlight or has anyone been using one cheers
  11. Hi guys I am awaiting licence and I am looking for some recommendations for first rifle for fox and roe deer I have been going out with mate who has a tikka t3 22.2250 stainless with pes mod on it Can anyone advise me what I should be looking at Don't want the cheapest as I would rather get something now mid to upper range that I won't want to replace in a years time and I could keep for long time without wanting better upgrade Light and straight would be good lol
  12. Looking at a swarovski z4i 3-12-50 for a 22-2250 t3 lite Mainly for foxes and roe up to max 300 yards ( but usually under 200 yards )any comments please I'm not sure as I have been using my mates z6i and I'm wondering if this is going back the way and will I regret it Help please lads ?????
  13. Well here I am, new member on his first full proper shooting season of Roe Bucks. I was out on day one ( 6 am ) with Kevin n Big Dave ( who are helping me through my apprenticeship, thanks guys) stalking two different areas and after day one I hadn't fired a gun although Kev had what could be a Gold Medal Buck and Big Dave had one in the bag too ( so no pressure Dax ). Managed to get out around 7pm on day two with Big Dave ( who promised me a Buck ) and we park up, we walk less than 300 yards to the top of the hill in cover, wee look over the horizon and there he is, a lovely big Buck free of velvet and well coloured, he is maybe conscious that we are Round as he doesn't seem to settle and keeps looking towards our direction. So off I go, straight back yards under the hill to keep in cover then around the back side of. The hill and up for the final crawl onto the high point of the hill. Yes he's still there and still conscious of us still not settled so I get on the 22.2250 and try and settle down the breathing meanwhile the hearts pumping and the mobile is vibrating away in my pocket just what I need !! He's standing face on down the hill just under 200 yards and not my ideal target and line for a first Buck. Ten seconds later he's hit and straight on the ground and static for around 5 seconds before he's up and moving badly, he gets 25 yards before his final fall and he's done. We get down and he's a beauty great size and great antlers ( big Dave says possibly be bronze medal and a fantastic first Buck. So we have 3 bucks in two days and only 57 to go.
  14. Getting up at 4.30 am after a few sherberts the night before I set off down to Dorset. Remarkably id had the presence of mind to get my kit & thermous ready the night before so i was packed and gulping coffee trundling down the A37 before it dawned on me I should have considered how sensible it was to be driving. I certainly didn't feel great but that wasn't unusual as I suffer from a low pain threshold when it comes to hangovers. With the throbbing sensation getting worse in my head I stopped off at the 24hr MacD's in Poundbury to get some stodge but when I couldn't even choke down a McMuffin I knew it was going to be a long day. Fighting the urge to sleep in the carpark I went to the ground, kitted up and made my way to the highseat. Dawn birdsong and scent of damp foliage and douglas fir was great - the mist and drizzle made the dawn linger and I spotted a nice Roe buck nibbling the tops of some beech saplings that were poking out the 'protective' sleeves. He didn't pay me much attention but no doubt come April it'll be a different story. Sat in the highseat I was acutely aware of how rough I was starting to feel. Periodic dry-retching and a knawing hunger was adding to my woes when I spotted movement way off to the left. The bins revealed a small group of sika about 170 meters away which were a job to make out - stalking in forestry is as frustraing as it is rewarding as at that distance there is a hell of a lot timber between you. Picking an individual out the group was hard work as they were in view one minute, obstructed the next or one infront of another. After 20 minutes or so they hadn't really moved and i'd selected a hind that was a little more distant from the others to avoid the risk of a Quigley. It was cat and mouse with the trees waiting for an unobstructed shot and when a chance finally came I took it. At the shot the group scattered and I struggled to pick my beast out, they paused briefly and I saw one looking a little peaky so I cycled the bolt ready to send an insurance shot. Sods law the spent casing pinged loudly off one of the metal highseat ladder rungs and after that they never looked back. After a ten minutes spent meticuloulsy marking the strike spot I decended the seat where, dispite only being 15ft higher everything looked completely differet! No pins and no blood and where I thought there should be so I cast a wide circle and found her lying 30 meters or so further on. I dragged her to cleaner area under an oak tree, the effort making me wobble a bit, an got cracking with the gralloch. Having recklessly splashed out on a new gralloching knife (£5.75) I went to scrape the flesh from the esophagus but it was so bloody sharp to sliced straight through it releasing a generous blob of ripe pea soup. Once I'd recovered from vomiting I tied the end with a piece ot webbing that was coming off my roesack and finished things off, leaving her angled on the bank to help drainage. I pussy'd out of carrying her back to the car and called the owner to come to the rescue in his 4WD.
  15. My friend offered to take me out stalking one day, but i do not own a firearms certificate. It is on land where he has the farmers permission but I was wondering whether i would need to apply for a firearms certificate before i go? Any help much appreciated, cheers.
  16. This is the head of the buck that I shot back in september, not a medal, but a nice sized buck and a very decent head for where I shot it. The area does not produce any really big heads..... I'm pleased with it! Doh! Didnt attach!
  17. Red Stag (Buck) Stalking in Bulgaria Open season is between 1st September 2012 and 31st January 2013 Prices start from €1,350.00 per person 1 hunter €1,600.00 2 hunters €1,450.00 3 hunters €1,430.00 4 hunters €1,400.00 5 hunters €1,390.00 6 hunters €1,350.00 Extra hunting day of hunters €500.00 Non hunters €650.00 Additional day for Non hunters €120.00 Group discounts are available - the larger your party is, the cheaper it becomes per person DESCRIPTION Red deer stag high seat hunting in Bulgaria White-tailed deer, Stag, Big game, Red deer shooting: cost and info Hunting area: Northeastern Bulgaria Package features: 5 nights 4 hunting days Red deer hunting area: The trophies are notable for the high quality. To Bulgaria belongs the world record - 273.60 p. CIC. The organisation of the hunt is very good, so we can offer you a very emotional hunting for red stags. Red deer hunting method: High seat hunting or stalking. Red deer-accompanying hunting: It can be matched with the hunting of wild boar, roe deer, pheasant, wild duck, geese and predators. Red deer hunting-included in the package: All documents (Veterinary, Cites- and Export papers etc.); Pick up at the airport and transfers from the airport to the hunting ground and back; Accommodation 5 nights (dbl room); Full catering plus all kinds of soft drinks; 4 hunting days; Hunting guide; Transport: 4-wheel drive vehicles within the hunting area; Bulgarian hunting license valid 30 days; The assistance of Interpreter from the arrival to the departure; Trophy measurement after CIC methods. Additional: The transport to and from Bulgaria; Alcohol drinks; Tips, personal expenses; The game; Shooting and trophy fees are payable as in the price list; Preparation and evaluation of the trophy; Anything not mentioned under the ''Included in the package''. Additional charges for the hunter: Rifle for rent per day €30. Additional cost for Non-hunting companions: Interpreter per day; Тtransport vehicle per day. Arms and ammunition: There are no restrictions on the number and type of weapons brought to Bulgaria for hunting; You can import a limited quantity of cartridges for each: Shotgun up to 300 units; Rifle up to 100 pieces; Cartridges can be purchased at gun shops in Bulgaria. Required Documents: Identity card or passport; Permit when traveling abroad that you can carry firearms, permit for right to use firearms and European; Non EU citizens must apply for a firearms import licence, with the help of the invitation and declaration form sent by Hunting & Fishing. WEATHER ON SITE NEAR The climate in Northern Bulgaria is moderate continental. The average annual temperature is 10.5 °C, with winter averages about 0°C and summer temperatures rarely exceeding 30°C. http://hunting-fishi...lgaria_e27.html http://www.facebook....ntinginBulgaria http://www.facebook....hehuntersforum/ http://www.facebook....huntinbulgaria/ http://www.facebook....62808643796600/
  18. I'd like to book a hunting/fishing, possibly just fishing trip for my father in law's birthday who is working in Pakistan with an NGO. I have no idea where to start. Should I go with a guide or is this something I can book without a guide. My husband will be going with him. What time of year would be best? How many days should we allow? What's the best way to get the fish home or should they plan to eat it there? Thank you for any suggestions.
  19. Just been going through some past pages in this section over the last few years and one thing is glaringly obvious - there are A LOT less topics about members getting out and about and actually doing some stalking. Whilst i'm probably a little bias I always found this section to be the most entertaining in terms of tales of man against beast and acounts of wits and fieldcraft in action - not to mention practical demonstration / illustration of hints and tips, tactics, medal heads etc. All things that make you WANT to read it. Discipline has been an issue - many genuine blokes have left or stopped posting due to the petty bitching and politics which seems to infect this site like a cancer. If it wasn't for a couple of regulars that stick their head above the parpet this section would turn into a mind numbing montage of reoccurring topics the search facility is choc-a-block with. Any chance of getting the section back on track and a few more stalkers sharing their exploits, past or present... or am I alone in thinking this?
  20. maggot


    hi there people, im wanting to do my dsc1 im wondering if anyone as got a copy of the questions and answers or where can i get them from many thanks
  21. Questing bucks and single does but no real chasing since the one shot earlier in the month. Cold nth winds and drizzle not helped though. We have has some luck though haveing one buck missed twice from a stationary combine (parked up) and 3 foxes shot in 2 days as well as 2 four pointers. The one this morning was shot after seeing him near a doe box we stalked to the box and waited after the calling did nowt. 20 mins later out he came on a mission. It was now 9.45 am so late to be active. yesterdays buck. to dark to film last nights foxes could only see them in the zeiss binos and swaro scope. Todays kills.
  22. Its been a fair while since I was last able to visit a small patch of permission in Dorset and I've been looking forward to it for ages. I was lait arriving on Friday as I got stuck behind one of those annoying people who insists on driving at 55mph so literally dropped my stuff off at my relatives where I was staying and set out arriving for the last hour of light. Several sika hinds with yound at foot were seen on the way to the highseat with the inevitable shrill warning cries been shouted before hightailing it away. Up in the seat I let nature settle for a few minutes before starting calling with the Buttolo - it wasn't long before a young Roe doe approached up the ride getting to meters away before being distracted where she began browsing. I watched her for what seemed like the last half hour of light and just glanced away to check the time on my phone only to see a good buck stood right behind her when I looked back up. I put the crosshairs on his shoulder quickly and he was knocked off his fee to lie quite at the strike. A nice big buck which had me sweating back to the car in the dark after I'd gralloched him in the twilight. I arrived back at the seat later than planned the following morning arriving with the day at 5.50am. On the way to the seat what originally looked like a whispy doe durned out to be a button buck on closer inspection and that, for him i'm afraid, was curtains. Once in the seat I began calling with the buttolo again with little apparant success. Eventually a pricket came ambling up the tract more out of curiosity than lust and, after pausing at 60 meters to a grunt, was chest shot where he ran 40 meters into cover. I was lucky to see where he fell from the kicking of his legs in the undergrowth and, despite marking the spot from the seat, still had a job finding him in the bracken. A dog for woodland stalking is a seriously good idea. While they're only small from a woodland management perspective it was a morning well spent You can just make out the highseat in the background. No rest for the wicked it was accross town to pick up a new highseat for positioning on the other side of the permission where sika stags have been observed resting in the dappled fir sunlight near a big, knarled and ivy festooned oak. Not one to miss an opportunity I found space in the car for the rifle just encase and I was glad I did. Approaching the Oak I saw another young roe buck couched where we expected to see sika and, at only 40 meters distance was quite happy with a neck shot off sticks which was the only shot available. With him dripping dry we cracked on with the logistical issues you get trying to get a lean-to seat to be secure against a bent old tree The facilities back at the house combined with the net-curtain twitching neighbours made processing one deer and dressing the others awkward so it was back to the wood this morning to do some field butchery. Having finally removed the last tick (on my ballsack ) I'm looking forward to work tomorrow for a rest
  23. dave1372

    My First Roebuck

    First of all I would like to say a massive thanks to my mate who kindly took me under his wing and has taken me out a number of times to help me get my first buck and intro into deerstalking. Hopefully he has not downed all the whiskey I gave this morning and is still sober enough to read this post.....cheers mate. We headed out just after 5am and tried walking a few different spots using the butollo caller to see if we could get anything to appear. We had stalked a dozen or so fields without any sign of a buck at all. Finally at about 8am we arrived at a nice spot in a wheat field that showed signs of recent activity and we settled in and again tried the caller. After a couple of minutes our eyes caught some movement in the next field: We quickly identified it was a buck bounding across the field.....unfortunately not quite in our direction, possibly the echo of the call had maybe thrown it somewhat off track. We lost sight of it as the tree in the field boundary obscured our view (the big one in the middle of the picture) but we could tell that the buck must have changed direction as it did not reappear in the direction it had originally been travelling. After what seemed an eternity (but was probably less than 5 minutes) we spotted movement of the buck tearing along the opposite side of the hedge our our field. By this time a million and one things were going through my head the first one being 'don't cock this shot up or I will look a complete tit'! At this point we heard it must have jumped the hedge and was heading straight down the edge of field right towards me less than 70 yards away but still not visible: A couple of hen pheasants got up and just as I was eagerly expecting it to come into view it didn't! The damn thing had decided as it was headed along towards us to jump into the adjacent field of barley (to the left hand side of the picture above) and suddenly appeared 5 yards away. At this point I abandoned the sticks, turned and the buck had decided it wasn't hanging about and strarted to make good its getaway, we managed to get one more call in and it stopped about 20 yards away. The barley is tall and all I could see was the head and neck so I made the decision that a neck shot was my best (but not preferred) option and down it went. It was a five pointer, maybe 4 yrs old and a decent size as far as I can tell. We did want to continue on swiftly to see if anything else was about but the farmer decided he wanted to come over for a chat as he had spotted my car rather than my mates car and wanted to double check it was him, which the time the farmer finished his chat meant it was getting on after 9am so we decided to try one last area where the farmer mentioned he had came across a circle in the wheat crop from the buck chasing a doe; On the approach we could see a buck a couple of hundred yards away heading towards the safety of the tree line. We waitied a few minutes then got into position and tried to call it in but after ten minutes of calling there was no sign of it showing, it may have already found the compamy of a doe in the treeline we thought. After that it was time to call it a day, and as far as I was concerned it was a perfect morning.:-D:-D:-D
  24. foxdropper


    Friday evening saw me trying to get to grips with a buck that normally resides over the boundary ,the other side of a small stream on a lush banking of meadow grasses never cut .This place is just outside of town so not far to go and as i was a bit late getting out i made the decision to try for him here.Ive seen him my side on numerous occasions but either unsafe or bumped only to jump the stream and away .I set up on sticks right on the boundary overlooking the neighbours fields and on the side of the stream with barrel pointing back to my permission .I started calling as soon as i was in position,softly to start with in my pocket but it became clear nothing was close or responsive so a bit louder out the pocket for a good ten minutes or so.A buck appeared with a doe way up on the neighbours land with him standing out as the darker of the two .I would say it was nothing to do with the call, just their evening routine and he ignored the call completely at first although he was a long way away.I decided it was time to up the anti and holding my arm up i blasted the buttalo twice for everything to hear and what a move that turned out to be .No hesitation now and he ran down the field stopping only to pin point the call which was now back to normal,two peeps a rest then three ,back to two.As he neared me another buck came through the hedge and i thought he was going to challenge the first being of equal body weight but only a five pointer .However he stayed put ,happy to watch events unfold no doubt .My original buck was now only 10 yds from me on the other side the stream but theres a deep banking here so he couldnt cross.He suddenly moved to the right and out of sight behind a row of hawthorn making to where i know there is a crossing .One more peep and sure enough there he was on my side in all his glory .He ran out in the field a bit and a soft call had him stationary long enough to send a 100 grainer through his chest at about 60 yds off sticks. I have waited for this moment to come for a long time and i sat down to take it in not wanting to miss a moment of the time relived in my head .Calling ,for me ,is the pinnacle of the roe stalking calendar .Roll on Tuesday evening .
  25. I am not a trophy hunter and generally don't get many like this boy anyway. As a matter of interest does anyone know about BASC/BDS/etc measuring service, what sort of money are we talking and do you think this may make it at all. Cheers