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  1. In no way do I condone thieving of any kind, nor would I mix with the likes. I don't know what went on in this case but am I right in saying these lads bought terriers off those lads in the first place. Point is, did they do so knowing the type they were dealing with and did they make sure what they were buying wasn't stolen in the first place. If all was above board you gotta feel sorry for the lads but the saying "When you lie with dogs you get fleas" springs to mind!
  2. Anti!.... Ireland has as stringent laws on hunting as the UK, it's not a Free for all. Unlike the UK where you have massive farms and estates with close ties to the hunting fraternity, it's mostly small farmers in Ireland. The Rural community is a close knit society where hunting is part of it's very fabric. Every part is hunted by it's "own" local clubs and people. Besides the local hunters, Irish farmers don't take kindly (putting it mildly) to outsiders especially those with English accents and they ain't afraid to show it..twasnt that long ago their families were persecuted by the British.
  3. Some talk like they're buying into the media bullshit that terrierwork is some kind of evil and that we're lucky to have it! Its a field sport just like any other to be enjoyed and to be proud of. Terrierwork is part of our proud heritage and culture and carried out correctly can easily be justified. These are our countries, free countries where different religion, beliefs, cultures, customs and traditions are to be respected. Make no mistake it's our "right" to carry out all our traditional sports as our forefathers have done before us. These things should never be political footballs for any
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