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  1. North Wales terrier and lurcher show will be held again at Abbey farm, Llangollen LL20 8DD on the 12th of May. Trade stands welcome. No catering.
  2. Already been asked but don't think anyone answered. Where does the rough coat come from?
  3. Hi mate. How much are you looking for the mag box and where abouts are you? Also what size is it? Cheers
  4. Had a good first cross by his Sugs dog, seen some very good first crosses by his dogs. I would have one again tomorrow. My mate is running a 2nd generation half cross with Mics stuff on both sides. Shes a handy bitch.Looking for something with his blood to go over her.
  5. Anyone on here running any dogs with M Clines blood in it?
  6. As above magazines for sale on eBay. Might be of interest to someone.
  7. That's the first copy on ebay not a volume 1 like in that collection.
  8. There is a large collection of earthdog runningdog magazines on ebay. Nearly 300 starting with the first copy. Might be of interest to someone. You have to type in earthdog runningdog as two words to find it.
  9. You will have to type in earthdog runningdog as two words.
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