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  1. Mainly apple slices bit of wild bird food in tray. i have got to say have had some super neophobic/crafty rats recently in fts which have ignored traps and in some cases rodenticide had to resort to Racumin contact foam to win the day. Outside of building traps working well indoors mixed results
  2. Good traps although had some very twitchy rats that even stay away from these recently although generally very good , these were set under a shed
  3. Depends on trap , usually a tiny bit bigger than trap. Make it too high rabbit will jump as trap springs and you wont get a clean kill/catch. Fenn traps will jump a inch or so when they go off . Tunnel length the longer the safer for non targets , think of a larger animal or person trying to put hand or paw down tunnel and make it a bit longer so they cant reach trap. Use a couple of sticks or similar and restrict entrance just wide enough for rabbit to enter but nothing bigger
  4. Staffy1

    smk 19

    The gun shown in main pictures is a HW95 just for your info
  5. I found caught more rabbits going through fence lines or hedges, put a wire tunnel over run and let rabbits get used to going through them for a week or two. then set fenn. caught quite a few that way. Either that or use cage traps. If rabbits are a nuisance then pest control a must .If your just getting a few for the pot then decent air rifle and some time waiting for them to appear
  6. This year found a lot of rat jobs rats only visiting customers lofts every week or so. Get some tracking powder down and when you hear noise again check powder
  7. Get some cheap granola cereal , trail it through box over trap and put a bit behind trap , rats are super touchy about taking bait from bait cups on traps but will follow a trail and quite often step over trap (and get caught) to get to bait behind , dont know why just happens
  8. Large dog poo bag will also work you need to keep dirt from under pan or trap wont go off. get a small sieve from garden centre and sieve dirt on stones will also go under pan
  9. If you shorten you might remove choke making it less accurate , I had a adapter for my HW99 and fitted a silencer, didnt make much difference to noise at all I took it back off!!!
  10. If you know squirrels are likely to eat Difenacoum bait then you shouldn't use it as it doesn't state you can use against squirrels. The fact rats may be present also doesn't make it legal. Id use fenns or body grips . The labels the law as the saying goes
  11. Not a lot I charge twenty five quid an hour plus set up fee . Its a job I enjoy doing being in fresh air and not being up to my elbows in rat crap crawling around a loft so i charge just enough to make a small profit on moles
  12. I started my business at 48 years old . I did start it along side my old job for two years just to build it up a bit and see what works out there . Good way odf starting and takes a way a lot of pressure. I would advise following Get a basic rodenticide course and insect course under your belt - will allow you to buy professional products . Kilgerm and others do day courses. Get decent insurance its not too expensive and if some thing goes wrong youll be glad you didnt go cheap and cheerful. As soon as you can get a RSPH2 course in pest control done .its an eye opener espec
  13. Yes they will eat it, have to be very careful where i live when treating rats as we have red squirrels . If customer has seen them in garden for example i will uses traps in a tunnel as for some reason reds dont seem to go into tunnels unlike greys seem to. another safe place is under closed decking where only the rats seem to go ever
  14. i found traps worked better outside of the safety cage, so they are great for example in lofts, I know some times you have to use one for safety. I would may be knock up one in wood ive always had more luck with wood rather than wire , maybe the rats like the fact wood boxes are dark? When you get your trap remeber the rat has to lift the trigger arm so use some thing quite hard as a bait so rats cant nick it- Bertie basset sweet or a hard chew or chocolate sweet. Pop some oats and /or wheat in the little bait tray, rats get confident feeding at trap that way
  15. Hi Arry bought these from ultimate traps Ireland , I know Kim at Discount Pest control makes a box to
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