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  1. Sorry, I'm probably using the wrong terminology, I meant what's the ground like he runs his dogs on? Big/small fields/heath, flinty ground, heather moorland - that type of thing
  2. Thanks for the reply. What type of country do you run them on?
  3. I wondered how much damage the dog actually did to the seal before the bystander started yanking the dog away?
  4. I have the opportunity to put my whippet over a greyhound next year, with the intention of taking a pup. My concern is that I'm always reading that this cross is a bit injury prone - weak feet and such a high prey drive then have a tendency to crash into stuff. I'm mostly after rabbits on the lamp, but sometimes other opportunities arise. I tend to hunt smaller fields, and do a bit ferreting. What's peoples personal experiences with them? Are they a liability in the field???
  5. Well, the fenns were slow going so I've taken your advice and bought some body grips (116). Any advice on using them/where to set them?
  6. One thing you could try is moving things around in the area the rats are active in. If you disturb them and their environment you might get some action in your boxes where they currently are. Rats often get into an 'autopilot' mode, so if you put things on runs and move stuff around you can get them to investigate bait/traps they've previously ignored.
  7. Thanks, I'm on to that, I've put some old slate tiles over runs under fence. How big does a 'tunnel' need to be (legally)?
  8. Myface It'll be funny when your wife calls it in.
  9. Thanks Micky, I like the grow bag suggestion. So rather than dig a hole to set the trap so it's level with the run, I should try building it up to narrow the gap between the trap when closed and the roof of the tunnel? I'm not using pins, instead I've tried 100lb fishing line on to the chain and clipped it to fence or wrapped around nearby tree.
  10. Most of the fenns I set were quite far down the holes (the photos I've posted aren't a good representation of the majority). The holes I've trapped were the most used and I guess biggest for that reason. Should I be selecting holes based on suitability for trapping rather than how recently they've been used (and backfill the in use ones)?
  11. Thanks for the reply, I can now see how the fenns might be knocking the rabbits up and out of the trap. Not sure how to deal with this problem if the holes are too tall? What traps would you recommend instead of fenns?
  12. Before covering with soil and then as I'm leaving them. This one is at the base of a tree and covered by branches - it's not as open as it looks in photos.
  13. I've started trapping (trying to) rabbits with fenns. I'm placing them in rabbit holes, ones which look like they've had activity recently. I'm scraping out a little depression about the size of the trap, covering the plate with grease proof paper (best I can do at moment) and then covering everything over with loose soil and sand from spoil. I've got seven traps out, checking them daily since last Friday. I've caught two, one young'un which was caught round the guts and still alive when I got to it; then the other was caught by the head (in photo). I've also had three traps tri
  14. That's a much better price than I paid. Hand held. I've used it twice more since my original post. Once was on a sunny but cold morning - wasn't as effective. All manner of branches and leaves were lit up on the thermal as they were warmed by the sun. Guess you need the right conditions to get the best out of it. I'd also add it's useless if raining.
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