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  1. When I'm walking my dogs on lead and someone else's dog (off lead) comes running over to say hello I like to yell to the owner my dogs will attack it. They haven't, probably wouldn't, but I like to watch the owners run and scream at their dogs.
  2. I could be in the market to get a pup early next year, well march time. I've no particular breeding in mind, but ideally looking for something 23-24tts and no bull blood. Anyone got a litter planned or know of one? TIA
  3. Thanks, very generous offer. It's for my nephew, he's just got one. I'm trying to plant some seeds in his head so he'll bring it out bushing when it's grown!
  4. Can someone recommend any good books to buy on working teckels?
  5. I'd be after a quickset. Excuse my ignorance, but a 4z is rabbit and 6z is for hare?
  6. I want to get myself another long net. I've got a 50yd quick set already and I'm well happy with it, but to be honest I've no idea what it is other than its length and it's yellow. Mostly for rabbits but the odd hare too. What would you knowledgeable lads suggest, and where to get it from?
  7. They look and perform perfect for the job they're doing.
  8. Sorry, I'm probably using the wrong terminology, I meant what's the ground like he runs his dogs on? Big/small fields/heath, flinty ground, heather moorland - that type of thing
  9. Thanks for the reply. What type of country do you run them on?
  10. I wondered how much damage the dog actually did to the seal before the bystander started yanking the dog away?
  11. I have the opportunity to put my whippet over a greyhound next year, with the intention of taking a pup. My concern is that I'm always reading that this cross is a bit injury prone - weak feet and such a high prey drive then have a tendency to crash into stuff. I'm mostly after rabbits on the lamp, but sometimes other opportunities arise. I tend to hunt smaller fields, and do a bit ferreting. What's peoples personal experiences with them? Are they a liability in the field???
  12. Well, the fenns were slow going so I've taken your advice and bought some body grips (116). Any advice on using them/where to set them?
  13. One thing you could try is moving things around in the area the rats are active in. If you disturb them and their environment you might get some action in your boxes where they currently are. Rats often get into an 'autopilot' mode, so if you put things on runs and move stuff around you can get them to investigate bait/traps they've previously ignored.
  14. Thanks, I'm on to that, I've put some old slate tiles over runs under fence. How big does a 'tunnel' need to be (legally)?
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