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  1. mole catcher


    not sure why some of you cant get your emails through, it is working as im still getting over 30+ emails a day on molecatcher@talktalk.net i am very busy trying to catch up on work load due to internet probs as well as reacuring health probs that put out of it for a few days at a time. Sorry to veryone waiting on a reply, i will get back to you. regards Martin
  2. great poem, says so much. Thanks for sharing it netman, like the poem above im going to say so much in so few words.............NO
  3. so many veribles to this question as to give a true answer. in truth if the net was rigged correctly and held up to the rabbts hitting it, it could for aguments sake hold 100% of the rabbits that ran into it. if your asking how many could it hold before it began to allow rabbits to escape, again depends how its rigged, is it sown in, how much bagging 50 or 100% bagging ect ect. Is there a maximum before it stops working? dont think there is but i have found nothing is ever set in stone regarding long nets. Like has ben said, a bit like asking how long is a piece of string but in my view if you know of a field bursting with rabbits, just get out there and see how many a 50yrd net will hold, that would be the most enjoyable way of finding out in my view
  4. opinions are all well and fine but what have they been based upon? If its so shit and full of wrong advise please inlighten me and the other members on here. To say its shit and then withdraw speaks of not realy having a leg to stand on. And if you are who i think you are, please give me a call as you have got my phone number. If i have it right, my lack of knowledge didnt stop you getting in touch with me when you wanted to know something did it? so again, please inlighten me, im all ears.
  5. I looked at a friend's copy and thought what a pile of sh*t that it was, nothing new to what is already out there, save your money. Don't all jump on my back trying to defend your mate who wrote it, I am intitled to my opinion and my opinion I will give, after all this is a hunting forum where we can all air our views. Well Mr Daddy, you do have a right to air your views and air them you have but rather than go off like a spoilt little wild boy why not educate me to the reasons as to why its a pile of shit? Ok what i wrote has been said before but tell me, as to what depth did they go into? true he could save his money and i cant say i blame you for doing your best to save a fellow netter his cash, may i be so bold to suggest he goes out with you for a night or two, spend it in the campany of a real expert ( EX= something nolonger wanted or needed SPERT= annoying little drip under pressure ) Dont get me wrong, i dont know it all and to be honest when im in such greatness of a man whos knowledge is so vast he cant find time to share it with others, like yourself, perhaps im intitled to write books that are full of shit as you put it. But hry as you have said there only one persons views as these views are Writers will put out a book on a subject...However, This time, I feel that the subject has chosen the writer to put out the book...For this particular writer is well deserved of being considered an absolute expert in his field, Not only has he a way with the long net, he has a way with words and a clear and straight down the line way of explaining what exactly hes talking about. There are far too many books on Long Netting that arent really written on Long Netting, they should be more aptly named "Memoirs of a wannabe Longnetter" of which these writers get carried away in their own minds writing pages of tall tales and stretched truths! Not Martin King, Long Netting from peg to peg, In my opinion is now THE book on long netting for anyone interested in getting into, or anybody who pursues rabbits in general, should have a read. Veteran Long Netter and novice alike, can do nothing but gain from this clear, concise and well put together book. It takes the reader through from the conception of the net, through to ferreting with nets and much much more...I cannot recommend this book enough, I have to take my hat off to you Martin King....Everyone tried and failed, where you have tried and won! You have put together a book that actually explains long netting as it should be, something that other books have never done. Anyone considering some Long Netting literature...Long Netting from peg to peg is your first and last book. Congratulations to Martin King on an excellent piece of work and I look forward to more in the future. Definetely a top piece of hunting literature. Anybody whos into the longnetting,or wants to be, this is a must. This is going to be the longnetters bible. khukru 3 word review........... SHIT HOT BOOK PLEASE NOTE HE SAYS SHIT HOT BOOK, NOT A SHIT BOOK Just read this book fan-bloody-tastic I'm reading it at the moment. So far so good. Well impressed and if I got some discount for saying what a lovely person he is I wouldn't mind. Ok I've finished the book. Its well good. Go buy it. There just a few revirews from members off here, oh yeah then there was the cracking review by one of the top sporting writters in the BASC Mag and the very complimentary one in The Shooting Times. But hell like you say, only opinions. well heres one for you, only an opinion of course. Perhaps you should get in touch with Black dog trading, i here they do cracking leather leads collars etc, seeing as you have such a nice way of speaking to people nad expressing you thoughts and opinions, perhaps you could ask for his opinion on making you a nice leather muzzle for your new friend, you know, the green one Oh yes i forgot, non of the above comments that may lead other members into believing that the member known as SWG is actually a cock, are based on fact, just that based on my opinion,
  6. gotta love this internet thingy
  7. My lad met him tonight spot on fella one of us old school.

  8. its widely excepted that you cut your pegs between October and Feb due to the lack of sap in the trees and bushes. However, and i may be told im wrong but here goes. I have cut pegs in all the months throughout the year and not had any problems with them spliting as long as you dont dry them out to quickly heres how i have done it for many years now after cuting early pegs 1, once cut to length DONT cut the little twigs back too short as when they dry they shrink back and if cut too short they will sit lowwer than the peg itself causing a weak spot. 2, add the point and round the top whilst green and first cut, as this is much easyier than when dry. 3, tie them in bundles and submerge them in the garden water butt for a few days to becom saturated with the water, doing this causes the water to be drawn in and the sap is pulled out as the water drains and evaporates. 4, leave them in a dry shaded place out of direct sunlight and do not heat dry. leave them bundled for a few weeks and then untie them and swap the inside pegs for those on the outsied, rotate every few weeks. Of course some will be no good, but that happens with those cut in season so to speak. I was taight this by the old chap who taught me longnetting years ago ad when he was telling me about this cutting in season malarky this was his answer. "Back in the day we were long netting all year, what would we do if we suddenly found we were running short of pegs? we wouldnt not go out we would go cut some more and if be use them green being mindfull of how bendythey could be" when you think about it they still caught rabbits way before the modern kit was on the market, so it must have worked for them surely? edited to add, was typing when rolf put up his post, sorry if ive gone over what has allready been said
  9. thats the thing with old gear and a big part of it for me, just the history and posible thought that maybe a record fishwas caught on them but went un-registered way back then. You never know as im sure they wernt as mad on weights and records back then. let us know how you get on with it all
  10. realy? but i suppose it down to what has been written and what is shown in the pics SORRY ABOUT THAT MC DID'NT MEAN THAT IN A NEGATIVE WAY JUST ITS EASIER TO SEE WHATS HAPPENING ON A VIDEO AS LONG AS THEY ARE DOING THE JOB RIGHT LIKE YOU SAY ALL THE BEST ANDY like most things within the sports netman, theres good and bad and sadly i believe from what i have seen on you-tube its mostly been put out by those who havew a very basic knowledge of what it is they are showing. not all of course but most.
  11. hello Fin, bit of advice on the bakerlite reel. give it a good clean and remove all oil and grease. add only a cople of drops of baby oil onthe pin, man do they run smooth after that as it realy coats the running surface well
  12. Mick Brown done a video (yes a video not a dvd, thats how old it was) on night fishing for pike and zander on the fenn drains. To be honest it looks like a very productive method but like has been said before, strike early to avoid deep hooking. I myself have never night fished for pike but have caught many in the first hour of darkness
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