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  1. RatSnatcher

    none showing customer

    It maybe that she is waiting to get paid a lot of people get payed monthly, and what with xmas she may be all smiles and everything at the end of the month.
  2. RatSnatcher

    Mole trap question

    Get moleys video, it will help you on your way
  3. RatSnatcher

    Rat poison-Pleasetake care .

    I have spoken to a vet that had a case of 80gms bromadiolone eaten in block form, no antedote was administered and the dog was around 10kgs the dog was fine although they did say that 20g more and there would of been a problem, 80gms is a lot in my opinion for a dog to eat
  4. RatSnatcher

    Rat poison-Pleasetake care .

    I Hope the dogs well, maybe you should claim for the vets bill I see stuff like your scenario all to often, I have even seen bait placed in the t-towel cupboard amongst the towels bait placed in egg boxes in the garden I currently have a residential job on where the council have been treating for 4mnths with very little bait take, I have caught 25 rats to date in the garden and lost 4 traps to foxes contained in boxes, there are 2 holes under the shed that were not dealt with due to the council guy saying they were rabbits If any of you are sorting a problem yourselves and placing blocks down holes slide the blocks on some fencing wire and hook it over then cover it with a slab,
  5. RatSnatcher


    Firstly the term pest control officer is used when local authorities advertise there jobs , http://www.lgjobs.com/jobs/pest-control-officer-scale-6-dhs946 not a bad wage for someone qualified to call themselve a pest control officer. Just remember that when someone gives you some good advice as a pro pestie, remember that most pro's pesties are not running around thinking they are the big urban hunter , they are infact trying to control an enviromental health problem from leaving you and your family from getting some very nasty diseases, some that will most definately put you in hospital and anyone that comes in contact with the disease. A pro pestie's job is not about getting a "I killed score card" its about getting a serious health issue under control before it gets to become to big a problem and someone gets ill, so when you start talking about I use chocopeanutpeperammidogfood on your mouse or rat traps on your mantlepiece it sort of makes you look like a cnut for pissing around with something that can be detrimental to your families health And the other thing worth mentioning, there is a lot of legal shit when you start using and placing baits round peoples family homes and also to the way you do the job if you are going to carry out something like pest control, then be sure to find out about the regulations and legalities first because only a facking idiout wouldn't when your lively hood depends on it Then you may just understand how carefull you have to be in covering your ass and sticking to the book I'm of to crack open my vintage port
  6. RatSnatcher

    getting rid of rats

    Dont always presume that...... 1. because the bait stops being taken the rodents have gone This is not always the case, the amount of times I do a domestic job and I find some previous bait left over from a previous infestation/job not done properly is suprising, bait being left is not a sign of full eradication. 2. If all jobs were as easy as putting a load of traps down and some bait then life would be easy but the awkward harder to solve rodent problems seem to be caused by have a go people who generally fack it for themselves :oops: 3. Rats in your garden generally extends to rats in your house, so get it sorted After you have had a play with sorting out the problem for 5wks to no avail, sit back crack open a beer and be satisfied that you know have a much bigger problem that is only going to get worse :stupid:
  7. RatSnatcher

    Wire mesh bodygrip tunnels

    Yep hes good at covering his tracks too
  8. RatSnatcher

    Wire mesh bodygrip tunnels

    Chalky, that is indeed one of the boldest, most thought provoking post I've had the pleasure to read in many a day I must admit, I agree entirely Where's it gone .....
  9. RatSnatcher

    Wire mesh bodygrip tunnels

    Johns clips are good and do a neat job
  10. I have some cracking pictures of a garden albino squirrel, when I get a chance to scan the photos I will stick a picture up, anyone else seen one?
  11. RatSnatcher

    Wire mesh bodygrip tunnels

    The truth is that they are master hunter type, and a brilliant simple design like all master hunter gear imop you use cage making clips to hold what essentially is another piece of the 2-inch mesh but bent to shape, I dont tend to use the clips now as Trapworks cant afford the fuel to come and see me so I dont get a chance to grab any clips of him I prefer to spot weld the bent piece of mesh that holds the gripper in place to the main cage. Out of an 8x4 ft sheet you can make 8
  12. RatSnatcher

    Wire mesh bodygrip tunnels

    I use these...... Trapworks and myself have made loads of these although they dont always enter through the main opening but they still get there target
  13. RatSnatcher

    grizzly man

    I can remeber thinking, when I see this film, It wasn't till I got near the end that I realised it was infact a true story The guy was such a prize pr!ck I thought it was a piss take, god bless him
  14. RatSnatcher

    Free Heroin!!

    Methadone isn't working I know scag heads who either take methadone and scag or sell the methadone to get scag, most of them are crack heads too, they pipe it up then scag it on the come down The other thing I will add is that the government scag will be a lot cleaner to the user and will hopefully lighten the load on the NHs to treat these losers. what happens when a smack head dies from an overdose from the governments scag I can forsee a lot of court cases to add into this financial equation I am in my 40's and I have seen many a good guy downed by this shit, but to me they are still SCUM. If this new plan takes the dealers out of the game then I am happy to see my children and all other kids safe from the dealers in the future
  15. RatSnatcher

    Yamaha YZ250

    Ktm's are cheap to service And 68mph out of a 200 Exc in 4th dream on, or check your speedo