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  1. Barky

    Mk 1 Locator And 1 Collar 8'

    How much mate?
  2. Hi guys anyone got a mk1 locator and collar for sale
  3. Barky

    Won't Connect

    She's keen to chase and gets close enough just hasn't clicked yet that she's to pick them up...
  4. Barky

    Won't Connect

    I'll try a few things with her, I'm sure she'll get there.
  5. Barky

    Won't Connect

    Cheers lads, she does at times still act puppyish if you know what I mean.. I'm happy to wait and keep going with her.
  6. Barky

    Won't Connect

    Hi guys, bit of advice needed my Lurcher bitch doesn't seem to want to connect with game.. she will chase and get up close enough but pulls up at the last minute.. she's just turned 12 months so I know she's only young, will this come in time or is there something I can do? Thanks
  7. Barky

    Lure For Sale.. Professionally Made

    Can you post it?
  8. Barky


    I'll take it on
  9. What sort of range are you getting with the Yukon on the foxes? I've been toying with the idea of getting one on my 223
  10. Barky

    Looking For A 223

    Tikka for me.. can't fault it
  11. Barky

    Fac License

    Call your local firearms department they will tell you what the land is passed for.. if you can't get 223 on it you won't get 222... I've got one piece of land 250 acres and I can only shoot rimfire on it others are 243.. like I said best off calling your firearms department... atb
  12. Barky

    My First Gundog

    Nice bitch you got there, what's your plans with her?
  13. Barky

    Sharing A Cabinet

    When I lived at home I used to share my cabinet with my dad, as said shotguns are fine but if your dad has a firearm in there you can't share. I've had my fac and sgc for years and my dad wanted his sgc, when the officer came round we just explained what we was doing and he was fine with it. My firearms were always kept separate he just used some space in my shotgun cabinet.. hope this helps.
  14. Barky

    Wheaten Cross

    He looks spot on