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  1. Just moved back to Wales after 20 years away in the army. Have permission for lamping in a local golf course so if anyone fancy a night out. Also looking for ferrets mainly a few hobs if any for sale still have long nets and locators so once i get a few more than happy to take anyone out. Bridgend area
  2. kurgan

    bridgend southwales

    regular shoot on a golf course in bridgend night shooting only can lend nightvision if need not the best shoot but a few rabbits ,airrifles only .give me a shout if anyone fancys it.
  3. kurgan


    Just wondering if anybody had some infomation on theses .didn't work when I had them but a bit of solder and there on the ball .blows away anything I've used before and I knocked up a mount for my rifle sight and it works brilliantly
  4. kurgan

    Wanted Ferrets

    Aldershot area but will travel looking for company for my last ferret as his mate died at the ripe old age of 10 ,cheers
  5. kurgan


    hobs wanted but will take a jill .aldershot area cheers
  7. kurgan


    Long shot but if anyone needs ferreting partner or just some help in the Aldershot area have a lot of equipment if need (long nets ect )more than happy to help out .cheers
  9. kurgan

    Hob Wanted

    Just had a ferret die he as knocking on 12 years old but its left me with an other hob on its own ,so if anyone in the aldershot area has any going or knows anyboby would be very grateful.cheers
  10. kurgan


    To late mate they buggered of the petition and posted this cheers for trying: The Government remains fully committed to providing efficient and effective postal service to our armed forces, especially those serving on operations. The Ministry of Defence is making some changes to the way BFPO services operate in order to ensure we make best use of military manpower and to ensure the service is delivered in the most efficient way possible. The drawdown of the BFPO personnel supporting the UK military in the NATO headquarters in SHAPE, Brussels, Brunssum, Ramstein, Stavanger, Karup, Rome, Milan, Lisbon, Valencia and Norfolk Virginia should achieve a saving in excess of £1M per annum. The drawdown is scheduled to be completed by September 2010, by which time we aim to have in place alternative arrangements. These changes relate to the BFPO personnel supporting the UK military population in a limited number of non-operational locations and all in countries with efficient domestic postal services. In order to minimise the impact on personnel and their dependants stationed at affected locations, the BFPO numbers, which are useful for administrative purposes such as proving status, banking and internet shopping, will be retained. In addition, having taken into account the administrative disadvantages that the changes to the BFPO service could have on personnel and their dependants, some British Forces Post Office services will now be retained in a number of other NATO HQs. While Armed Forces personnel will no longer fulfil these functions and some counter services will cease from September 2010, the changes will enable civilians and, in some cases, Service dependants to take up local employment running a basic postal receipt and despatch facility. These changes will have no impact on postal services to troops deployed on operations. In particular, the Enduring Free Mail Service out to operational theatres will not be affected.
  11. kurgan

    keeping ferrets in chicken coop

    you can get the same one of ebay for a lot cheaper mate have a nose.My link
  12. kurgan

    good day out AGAIN

    Another great day 25 rabbits in total some big warrens today learned a lot from the lads with the long nets, Para 1 digging like a mad man could but a 20 year old to shame,might bring my ferrets next week you wont have to dig as much lol ,no big digs like the last post thank god and sure steve and para 1 will post some better photos later on
  13. kurgan

    goodday out

    2 of mine had young as well mate
  14. kurgan

    goodday out

    Great day out with the lads ,21 in all lovely day in the snow,the other picture is from a 12foot dig from last week to get to 1 rabbit .cheers lads for another great day learning more everytime i get out.had to block out Para 1's head as there my be children on here woulnt want to give them nightmares
  15. kurgan

    crap week

    This has been my 5 trip ferreting this week after loads of advice from people "go down to this field go to this place or this place theres hundreds of rabbits" my ass! a few cob web covered rat holes ,managed to bolt 2 fox's this morning from the smallest rabbit hole you've ever seen (anyone liveing in pirbright looking for foxs pm me)so i have a tramatised hob to deal with ,i dont know which bolted quicker the fox or the ferret. Thank god ive got a day out with para1 cheers mate ,with his lovely open fields and only his ribbing about my digging to put up with. bitch over with going to shoot some tree rats theres plenty of them about.