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  1. Shes 6 generations down from breaye blood, line has been good best ive seen from nuttall stuff in america atleast, we had miner blood gripper blood, gripper was only line close to it but they were good dogs also, i dont no how many got to see gripper but the dog was tiny in person, my guess he was 11 lb 11 in, I went a lil far in that previous post as I have alot of respect for the uk dog men, but we went through so much junk and thousands of dollars getting pups, had to spend big money to get proven adult workers they didn't wanna part with, to get something worth feeding.
  2. Nicked out the UK My Blood is from a bitch direct from Nuttal, a daughter off treacle, blood you men dont even have off frozen semen dumb ass, the original bitch was born in 85 i have her first generation grandaughter dont ever accuse me of having any of that stolen garbage, only yous over there deal with that nonsense you get shot for that shit here. We haven't imported your culls unsend over here in over a damn decade fool. Mixers on coons but said to be great badger dogs lmao.
  3. went through the old thread for some entertainment and seen this bs. Skipped last 3 cycles of our main brood bitch and just bred our other bitch first time after her 3rd season, the bitch shows more signs of work then every dog on this whole board and she's 4, talking nonsense.
  4. Sad to hear, all I can promise from this side of the pond is, if I ever import anything again I will post the pictures of the dog, on here and make sure nothing is stolen. Blessed to no a few good men over there i no would never do this but i want no part of stolen dogs. Hope all is found.
  5. Think they went from majority of fox dogs, to working grey, Miloe was 17-18 lbs when conditioned strong, they said he got drug around mid tube would take hold just couldnt hold it, take a strong terrier to hold them
  6. It is a thread on pickaxe ffs, some of you men are ignorant as shit, steak knife another word for pussy who goes under fake names
  7. I disagree I have his blood from the 80s 5 generations down from breaye blood, if your saying his size of terrier is smaller now you are wrong. We imported many dogs brian worked himself to america in the late 80s early 90s the biggest dog we seen was 16 lb, all fox dogs. The best bitch he sent was 12 lbs miner was tiny gripper was 13 lbs. Seen him myself when I went and picked up his son, not sure if u meant they were bigger or smaller but his studs miner and gripper were both under 1 stone atleast gripper for sure
  8. Class terrier pickaxe breeds, dont think I ever heard anyone disappointed in them
  9. Ya that Tarmac stuff crossed to to the old treacle stuff threw one of the best I ever seen
  10. Mason used to have solid terriers he just got older and couldnt check them as much, I never would use them but he proved me wrong with that sissy bitch she was tops and mother to my best bitch,
  11. Only ever heard good things about glyns dogs would love to own one off him
  12. You took our american Pittbull culls, and made every working breed you have over there better, then deny it and call us fools lol, no need to insult people as if you no every person, gets old man nothing but insults from alot of you fellas, when we have the upmost respect for those who put in the time amd work making these terriers
  13. Your knowledge of these terriers is truly amazing, always enjoy getting to hear from you sir and your dealings with these dog I only no from pedigrees
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