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  1. I miss my 30winchestcenterfires. Had three over the years, two 94 trappers and a Marlin 336. Took some stuff with them. Hope photobucket works again! U.
  2. Him lifting them partridge will do them good, keep them alert! U.
  3. Well I pulled it off, no not that! I managed a three hour hobbling session. It took me ages to walk the chosen rout intact I can't tell if it's the surgery or the size of my nut sack that is slowing me down! How them squirrels jump about with nuts that large I'll never know! Put some food down for my birds and made my way back under some scotch pines hoping for a squirrel or two. Got eight! Jess loves her squirreling. Yours truly. I used fiocchi today #6 I think they are 11g and a few nobelsportitalia 14g #6. They have way more punch. It was
  4. Take care bud. Sorry for your woes. U.
  5. Managed a walk tonight before dark. I was going to shamelessly ambush a pheasant with the 410 but he busted me! I did also find a tiny piece of coal watching me! It's amazing what you see when you have to shuffle along slowly! Feel excited now about tomorrow am if weather report good. Might just tote the 410. U.
  6. It's the smell of my PJs! Gets them every time.
  7. Ahhhh. Now we are getting to the truth! The mother in law!! You're screwed, you'll never win! Or be good enough. It's taken over thirty years for mine to accept me and I can tell you, it wasn't a gun that needed the moderator!! Best of luck with that but at 70yds and your involved (the son in law) I bets she can hear a pin drop! U
  8. Not been anywhere today it is bloody sore now the local has worn off! I desperately need to get out. Any one heard any fox's yet? I keep listening but hear none!
  9. The horses are trained regular by me around here that people at any given moment make loud noises! They don't fuss at all now.
  10. .....capsules. Any good in co2 air guns?
  11. Walked the dog with 410 in hand and finished off with a plink in the back yard, lovely jubbley
  12. You've met my Mrs then! Feeling better today already. Might be able to hobble up the track with the 410 tomorrow Jessymardass was pleased to see us home ten hours later, glad I took her out beforehand. She sniffed the area immediately, they know more than we think! The folks at Leighton hospital are brilliant. Kind and compasionate, they deserve much much more. Now you lot, if you need something looked at get it done! ATB.
  13. Certainly possible. A squirt of easy start would be easier or WD!
  14. The black powder wonder drug yes, of course! Thanks mate. U.
  15. Thanks all. Your a grand lot. In recovery, bloody sore! There staff after mint. Give them the money! Feel like have had a heavy night and a complimentary punch up. Look after yourselves lads. Nathan.
  16. I will mostly be in the operating theater! Hernia job I just had to get out in the wind, it's blowing a hooley here and it's wonderful. How is it up there Gav? Anyway, two squirrels will do. The teal whizzing over the hedges were fantastic but always caught me off guard. Lovely to watch all the same. The picture. Anyway, what tips you all got for post op recovery? Poultice mixtures? U.
  17. Not seen a fix for weeks! Nicely played.
  18. Depends. How close can you get to the mice?
  19. It's lousy getting old. My right is terrible, a stigmatism or something. If I look through my right eye alone it is dark. It has really affected my shooting and one reason I gave up my centerfires. Close range shooting is my thing now. Ten years from now if I can still shoot I can see it being shotgun only! Probably a 10g single for Charlie. My airguns I have notice recently my mounting is paramount in aiding a good shot despite failing site. I know that means little to most but it kind of shows how the whole being is the shooting system not just the rifle.
  20. Me too. When the zero is spot on.
  21. Got up to watch the sunrise after that storm yesterday and in the calmer weather check the zero of my 22 on this Winchester ammo I got recently. The subs are quite impressive. After some adjustment up and left off hand plinking had me shooting to 150 yds easily. It also explains why I was struggling a little on the rabbits last week! Now have a 60yd zero and the lasers are on at 100. The reticle post comes in at 150 for lasers and 100 for subbies, or thereabouts. Must say I have really been enjoying my 22 again these past few months. U.
  22. Canadians can hunt with archery gear, carry antique handguns in the wilderness, can own and shoot handguns licensed elsewhere and have less hoops to jump through than us for rifles. You can keep your as you say civilised (uncivilised actually) world I want to live there!
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