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  1. I love 300winmag too but the op never inquired of it and just for the record Alsone, 300 win mag kills large game no differently than the cartridges inquired about by the OP!
  2. This is my experience too. More is not always better! The primary gain with larger rounds and a velocity gain is a slight flattening of trajectory and that's it. The primary gain in shooting a heavier bullet is slightly more penetration. The op has ample of everything for his tasks in his choice of 308.
  3. 410 is probably the only cartridge still cost effective to reload for and (noise aside) makes for better performance over most factory ammo options!
  4. We have legal requirements also and whilst your concerns are meritable don't stress friend. Many refused to believe my little 30/30 could kill reds until they saw it but just the other side of the Atlantic the number of large game taken with that little rimmed cartridge is unmeasurable!
  5. It probably has more to do with slug shooting of which most of the world trusts it members to use freely but not us, we can't be trusted! 410 being the most least popular slug for hunting etc etc
  6. Never ceases to amaze how many people think that if their bullet drops below a numeric value by a little it somehow will stop performing! Stick a 5000j bullet of the wrong type in the wrong place of a game animal and you may never retrieve it! Poke a medium bore revolver bullet through a game animals ribs and I guarantee it is dead! The two examples are numerically miles apart but fortunately physiological factors don't do maths! U.
  7. Hello friend. I have a lot of respect for you two choices but in all honesty never shot an 06. 308 yes. The first thing that comes to mind is 308 will get the job done on all the species at 150 meters the only issue probably could be running boar! A less than ideal strike maybe a problem with running boar compared to a larger slug but high seat shots will be fine. Now, as it happens I have owned 20" 308 and if 308 is known for many good things one is its efficiency from short barrels! I use to get from my 20" barrel 2610fps with a 170grn bullet that at 100 yds it wanted to
  8. Yesterday before my plinking session I swapped my moderators around. The Brno is full length and the Atec is long too. I have one of the generic plastic 22 mods so being shorter I put it on the Brno yesterday. That worked out fine. I was reminded how light the Atec was so fitted it on the 452 WMR. This morning I hobbled my way to somewhere to check zero. It was 2&1/2" low now and I made the correction. A simple plink at various distances up to 170 paces and I was satisfied but look at this! 170 paces, doped for wind and hold over off hand. I was ai
  9. Much much better. Flatter shooting over the normal range and a little tighter than the 42grn Winchester and the fiocchi ammo. I'm not trashing the others though in saying the above.
  10. As it happens I miss my 9422. That was an amazing little rifle.
  11. Thanks guys. Been ill with an infection in one of my testicles! All Thursday in bed apart from visiting doctors. Unfortunately that means to much YouTube! Felt better today so thought I would go buy some ammo and have a plink. I don't need anything but to shoot what I have! I had good fun and was pleasantly surprised or reminded how good the 2e really is. I walked on a simulated rabbit hunt by shooting rocks and cow pat's from 10yds to 100yds. All the ammo without any zero change connected just fine but with the fiocchi at long range (200 yards plus) the occ
  12. It will be drastically shortened too when she finds out I been away for weekend without her!
  13. That's gonna cost a fortune! A weekend away! She'll find out as well!
  14. Anyone shot an above 22 auto? Keep wondering about going to an auto, if I can find a reliable one, on the doorstep and cheap as chips! Oh and nothing looking military.
  15. I use to see a lad with one and it was not very reliable or accurate from what I saw of it. I wasn't very impressed to be honest but that is just my near valueless opinion. I not sure if they are based on one of their pistol which was good but I could be way off. The Browning buckmark pistol and carbine is worth a look. Less military looking and very reliable with pistol controls. Been tempted often, I use to cut string at 25 yds with one and my Mrs shot a brick of 22@100m one day with zero hang ups, and she was hitting the tins! There is some info on rimfire Central forums IIRC
  16. Well I did some walking last night. I moved into the first one I heard barking, that went quite so I played some vixen and he showed up but as soon as that red beam located him he was on to it! He has been educated so that was a flop. Next place, same thing the red beam spotted it at 400 yds and that was the last of that! Drove to next farm, got out the car, walked up the drive 200yd and whollop, Charlie at 50 yds! Heart shot he runs another 50 and folds up fifty yards from me. But! I can't get over the fence, stitches are hurting by now and then as I set off for a gate I
  17. Well I screwed up last night and got to go back and try and find it! Congrats on your shot Dave, I did hear a distant shot. I use to get black tails around here too, not seen any for a while. U
  18. I like trifle, hmm tuff choices..... Will be out myself later, old style. I'll listen out for you shot buddy.
  19. Visited a farm I don't go often and said hello to the chap. I shoot rats in the yard sometimes and woodies on his crops in summer but rarely do I visit in winter. He showed me his new flatcoat puppies and told me to help myself to the place when ever I want! Well it was great, pheasants, rabbits and snipe! Never shot a snipe with a muzzleloader until today! Missed the second one and then a little jack got up. In fact I missed two pheasants and an easy rabbit! I did get a hen bird with my last shot. The real highlight was when a cock sparrow hawk c
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