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  1. Shot many fox's with a 308 and a Swede. Would plumb for them any day over 243 but that's just me. My 243's served me well, in fact I did amazing long shots with them but soon got bored of all that. The 308 can be loaded from 110-200 grain bullets and is efficient in short barrels.
  2. The hw80 is a legend. Is there a bad HW product? As a kid I shot an hw80 in 17 on its open sights I bought off Ramsbottom over the phone and by cheque.
  3. A tenner !! Mine was £8 with cartridges from Bourne's guns and tackle Newcastle under Lyme about 29years ago.
  4. Had mine on this Sunday. It's a bit tight these days.....think the weather has shrunk it!
  5. No no bud. Been out many a gale. Rabbits still come out if they can find a sheltered spot. Charlie will on a lea side of a hill or forest. I think it's not the cold or wet but that their senses are overcome and they feel vunrerable etc.
  6. Fox's lie up in this weather I find. They are smart. As soon as it abates they'll be out.
  7. Dropped there. I do ok via local shoots. Is it south facing?
  8. I will be surprised you see any mate. Be careful!
  9. Interestingly there is a wood upstream that has a few pools, always has teal in them ....not lately! Ummmm
  10. Once up Scotland stalking I was stood by a wee burn and a little young otter turned up and had a clean and scratch not three yards away. Their paws are quite dextrous. That must be 20 years ago now!
  11. Your right. Get it moved. It was on a water course. Fish and the river tern are near by..
  12. I don't think mink have such feet if I remember correctly! I think it was in some kind of fight by the blood around its mouth. The fox hounds had been through there recently!
  13. Quite pleased. The rain arrived on queue so headed for home content. U.
  14. And I was late! Stupid phone!! I wanted to wait for a fox but needed to be in place before light. It never showed up and the pheasants were quiet so I moved off and got in the car to head off for rabbit country. That didn't go well as not many were showing so I moved off again! This time I found some and got a brace. Two bucks one a has a bobbed tail. On the way out I had a plink. Shooting at 45 paces the two top holes are my old load. I have not been two impressed with that load just of late so I increased the charge and bingo! Three on the
  15. The bolt head is adjustable for headspace. That could be the issue, well, it's a none issue but if the bolt lugs are not contacting the barrel at all the bolt will be loose etc.
  16. Looking at the diagram below https://www.remingtoncountrycanada.com/remen/replacement-parts-oem/remington/rifle/model-783.html The safety appears to have a lever to intercept with the bolt! I bet that trigger unit is a heck of a lot easier to work on than a 700!!
  17. You could look to see if the bolt handle has a ball detent that is not working....I don't know if one is used but take a look.
  18. IIRC the 783 was a modular design and cheaply made with I believe quite a bit of plastic where steel should be .....going to have to check now..... Ummmm....not sure now. It's based on the marlin x7. My personal opinion of Remington is keep away from anything post 2000 unless you like fixing and tuning firearms. Same for marlin post 2000! Sorry.
  19. Well done feller's. Good long shot but I would opt for the 87 yarder anyday of the week.
  20. Are you ok....I've started turning my phone off at night
  21. Well they been making these things for decades and just like ordering a Chinese I call it #69 on account it cost £69 new! It's very accurate after a tune and trigger job. 177. About 27yds the pair. Oh and vintage eley wasps too.
  22. A fox's eyes are brighter and he moves different than a fox. Failing that I get closer.
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