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  1. Smart mate look nice set of lurchers nice bit of lamping
  2. Life aid is good in the water keep a bottle mixed in your lamping vehicle for the end of the night puts goodness back into the dog while your travelling home also sounds like u have run him too hard rest him then get him out see what he's like then best of luck with him

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    After something for bit of ratting good home given to a terrier if anyone has one that's not suited to the digging role


    , Cheshire - GB

  4. Good home given to failed digging dog View Advert After something for bit of ratting good home given to a terrier if anyone has one that's not suited to the digging role Advertiser buffalobill76 Date 15/12/19 Price £0.01 Category Working Terriers  
  5. this is my bitch farmers boy mother to a well bred coursing dog she's great bitch hard and fast planning on putting her to a mick brown bred dog litter of 3/4 breds
  6. about 15 to 16 inch I would say as was toddy aswelDid you have too get a stiffy on and measure it 5 times for accuracy At least he's getting a stifFYI over proper digging dogs not that nuttall shit sooty lad
  7. Great bloke proper terrier man nice stamp of terrier going back to a old mate of mines gear can be very hard but it's a pity there isn't more terrier men like him about if u get a genuine pup of his genuine line then it will be worth rearing !!!
  8. when did u see them go as not many have this line were was the lad from who had them
  9. Did any of u terrier men know the late Bruce woodcock the man who owned toddy Nancy and Betsy and other great terriers also a great lurcher man who won the calendar coursing club trophy with his coursing dogs his well known dog called max he passed away yes ago just like to see if anyone knew him
  10. bit slow really this yr only had 18 so far let's hope things get better
  11. Ken's put big strong dogs into his stuff as he's used lads dogs I know descended back from his old gear trying to get his old strain back donny fair play to him for that
  12. Alot of his stuff now people are adding bull to it to get some size and hardness and if you got to add bull then the lines gone
  13. Look a handy bit of kit will get some and try
  14. Doubt it mate we all would of heard about them
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