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  1. Yeah u right hate the bloddy vets cost me a fortune this year already lol
  2. Hi folks iv just came across a lump about a squash ball size right inbetween the shoulder blades on my lurcher has anyone seen this before on there dogs just to get an insight before I take him the vets
  3. Cheers the replies folks il stick to what I'm doing then
  4. Alright folks just wondering if u could share ur thoughts on running a dog along bike during fitness training I know theres other things u can do swimming ,ball work, flirt poles, lures ect But I'm just wondering how often do u get them out do u take them out every day or every other day of a few times a week ? Last season I was taking our Liam out every other day starting on small distances then gradually getting further hope I wasnt doing to much or not enough obviously I still took him on his normal walks every day and another thing during hunting season if for so
  5. Thank u for the knowledge lads il put some of that I'm my first aid kit ust in case I think he was just not as fit as I thought iv only had him a month and he had a really hard run shows the amount of drive he has so il make sure this dont happen again it's a learning curve I suppose soon as hes recovered il get out on the bike with and build him up slowly at James
  6. The dog is slowly making a recovery thanks for everyones help
  7. Ok thanks for ur reply hes a newish dog probably wasnt as fit as I thought
  8. Alright folks I got a 2.5 year old lurcher here that's started pissing all the time and drinking full bowls of water and has only started to do this after lamping the other night he ran his bollox off to be honest could this be to do with that is there something I could do to help him supplement wise ? Cheers James
  9. Polecat hob last years youngun been working last all last season very tame free to good home Coventry Westmidlands
  10. Albinos and polecats hobs and Jill's working stock rabbit fed in Coventry
  11. Yeah cheers lads I just thought he still had growth in him and when that bloke told me he ain't I thought surely he can't be right cracking dog tho I'm having the time of my life training him very clever and keen as anything can't wait till next season
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