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  1. james95


    Cheers gwalchmai4110 yeah they're the ones, wanting some for purse nets and traps. Thanks
  2. james95


    Anyone know what them rings are called to hang nets from? Think they're used on market stalls too, Cheers
  3. james95

    Bellman And Flint

    Still for sale?
  4. Would like to thank mad4it, first class nets and also made a t bar for me to, would highly recommend this bloke to anyone, whatever your requirements he will do his best to do it for you. Just drop him a message and he will sort you out. Top bloke and top work keep it up.
  5. james95

    Lithium Set Up

    Pmd you
  6. james95

    Shamo X Thai

    Where you at?
  7. james95

    Bellman &flint

    Interested mate. Pmd you
  8. james95

    Bolt Traps

    Thanks lads il have a look
  9. james95

    Bolt Traps

    Does anyone make bolt traps or have any second hand for sale? Or know the best place to buy From? Cheers
  10. james95

    Hmr Browning

    Where you based?
  11. We still have a number of days left for the upcoming season, mainly pheasant with odd wild french partridge, duck and woodcock. The shoot is situated in the stamford bridge area of York. We have 150/120/100 bird days still available. Both single guns and teams catered for. If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact me via pm Thanks James (Stamford sporting)
  12. james95


    Cheers people looking into swazi and nomad
  13. james95


    I've been thinking of getting a ridgeline smock but then I luke the look of swazi and nomad gear (expensive like) but I suppose you get what you pay for. Going to have a look into deerhunter and swedeteam other wise it's a toss up between nomad an swazi
  14. james95


    Right lads/lasses what do you find best smock is for keepers? And there day to day stuff? Thanks in advance, information would be much appreciated. James95