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  1. nice looking bitch that mate
  2. Some good pics some good people and the odd one that chats shit I think if ya ant got note good to say don't bother all they do is ruin a good thread ! Thanks for all the pics and info lads I'll sure be looking into getting my self a bull x cheers
  3. Supersid yours looks ideal what's the hight and cross
  4. What's the average hight what's the best cross I'd prefer it to be under 24inch
  5. what cross is this mate looks like got A lot of bull
  6. He lovely Bradus1 is he a half cross
  7. Anyone on here into bull greyhounds I've done a thread on bull whippets now i would like to see any pics or get some info on bull greyhounds cheers lads
  8. Bull greyhound tend to be big dogs tho want something a bit smaller but with the same capabilites lol maybe a bull x greyhound with a bit of whippet to bring the size down a we bit ye i do More than just rabbit my dad's got a 1st cross bull whippet Which takes all quarry game dog brilliant all rounder
  9. Brilliant little dogs game as ya like I'm after a 3/4 whippet 1/4 bull there like rocking horse shit not about !
  10. That's a stunning looking 3/4 mate
  11. You know anyone with any litters mate?
  12. I'm after a pup mate yours looks a smart dog
  13. Anyone know of anyone who has any bull whippets or is planning on having a litter ?
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