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  1. Ye he fairly strong mate loves footballs
  2. There’s another hairy one for you
  3. Nice that mate how’s that crossed pal
  4. Nice one brother top man is ray pal
  5. Have to send us your number on pm mate have you seen out of terry brother
  6. Glad you’re well my friend ye no worries mate I’ll be intouch with you brother
  7. Cheers mate she should make a decent dog start putting the proper miles in soon pal hope you’re well my friend
  8. Here’s my young one now I’ll show you her come September
  9. Chan getting there now atb Longers01
  10. Got my old parkes bred dog up for stud all I’m after is a pup out of him he just turned 10 been one of the gamest terrier’s I’ve owned stays till jobs done never let us down like atb Longers01
  11. Loverly looking pups mate if i had the work for another runner i would snap your hand of mate hope he gets a decent home pal atb Longers01
  12. Loverly looking animals them 2 are mate atb Longers01
  13. Only just mate lol atb Longers01
  14. Cheers mate just started putting the miles in on the bike to swine and back 4 and half miles there and back from mine like atb Longers01
  15. Love these 2 Steve and chan atb Longers01
  16. Just gone 13 months mate atb Longers01
  17. Lucas grand shire to my pup heard he was some hare dog atb Longers01
  18. Steve Wheaton bull greyhound atb Longers01
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