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  1. 2018 RBS six nations pinned thread

    Gone bit quite on here still a round of games to go what the chance of us paddys recking a chariot
  2. 2018 RBS six nations pinned thread

    If ireland do will paddys day, when is the last time england would have lost 3 games in the competition
  3. 2018 RBS six nations pinned thread

    Think we have one of them world class wingers in our panel now. Scots playing well unlucky to be 11 behind
  4. SNOW!

    Ha I love it work said we can come in if we can and if we cant we'll be paid ha guess there wont be many on the bog for a day or 2. Had great crack with missus and little lad on the hill out back sliding on meal bags, dogs are out all day I just hope it lasts a week or 3
  5. Strange one

    This is a cock and russell story, sorry ment cock and bull haha. Is strange tho
  6. 2018 targets

    After the last few outings im starting to wonfer if ill get a fish in 2018😖
  7. 2018 RBS six nations pinned thread

    Wales ireland was a good game delighted with the win. Scotland turned right on now wonderdid the scuffle before the match make a difference
  8. 2018 RBS six nations pinned thread

    Whats everyones perdictions for im going wales and england win double. ireland missing 3 massize ball carriers and could be the difference. Hope italy can get a win 2nite
  9. Richmond Sausages.

    Never heard of them must be just the shit we send over the water ha us irish have the best sausages in the world. Love going to different butchers and trying there own brand
  10. 2018 RBS six nations pinned thread

    Got out of jail there sexton showing his class some score under that pressure. For the amount of ball we had in that game we should be winning comfortably but we missing that bit of magic, pace to tear open defences likes of teddy tomas, Watson, bowe and I even thing of if we zebo that game would suit him
  11. 2018 RBS six nations pinned thread

    What everyone' predictions for the competition I think ireland will get really hard tomorrow France big physical side 5-7 points either way. IF we do win tomorrow I think we'll win our home games and set up a cracker against the old enemy on paddys day
  12. Bruised legs

    Myself and mates use a local stream for swollen injurys on the track dogs works. One of them has a Mag box and once a dog uses it a few time they love it minute u open the kennel they go over and stand waiting to get in.
  13. Little bit of puppy retriever work

    Nice retrieving did it take long to get him used to the dummy and any problems in training, thinking of starting my pup off with some retrieving this weekend see how he gets on. Best of luck with your pup
  14. Walkabout

    Best of luck with new pup. Ye it' a great way to spend a day just mooching about with the dogs
  15. New pup

    Thanks longers. He looks good he' only my second ever lurcher and he' s completely different than my old dog was he was stand offish from day 1 nd was never bothered about attention really but still miss the cu*t ha, this pup is confident and bold and stand on his head for attention