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  1. British gun collector get 5 years

    Oddly, not the same bloke. The other one was using the excuse of being coerced into selling guns to criminals. This bloke was just a nutjob who collected illegal weapons. Even the court said that.
  2. section 1 firearms

    They're talking about banning MARS rifles here now, but until they do, you can buy one in whatever calibre you have a slot for as it isn't classed as a semi-auto. As for LBP, I don't have one, but I know a couple of guys who do and they are strictly target only. I don't think you'd have a problem getting either if you were a member of a gun club that shot them.
  3. British gun collector get 5 years

    It wasn't this old codger who was supplying guns to gangs. That was another div a couple of weeks ago. This only came on top because his house caught fire.
  4. Next years fishing comp.

    What would happen if you lost?
  5. SGC and working away

    That's what I'd do. Get him to apply normally then IF and only IF they don't like the idea, then offer to share the guns with you. My son got his SGC and FAC renewed when he was working away for months.
  6. SGC and working away

    There's no legal requirement for a certificate holder to be in the country 12 months of the year....BUT if the FEO gets snotty about it then as you say put the guns down as shared with you and bung them in your cabinet. Could get pricey lodging them with an RFD for months at a time.
  7. Bulger Killer Recalled To Prison

    They should experiment on him to see what makes him tick. A syringe of brain fluid every day from his eye socket with a blunt needle.
  8. Bulger Killer Recalled To Prison

    He's not suspected of having child porn on his computer, they saw it. He's a danger to any child in the country. Why should we pay to keep his sorry arse alive?
  9. Not My Classic

    Agreed! I wondered what I was missing out on, so I bought the first book. 800 odd pages. I wonder what the last 796 are about.
  10. Not My Classic

    Any of the Hobbit stuff. Books or films. Agree on the Shakespeare too. Quite like Dickens though.
  11. Airbags

    It's a 62 plate. It's in the garage at the moment so I'll ask them when they phone about it.
  12. Airbags

    Mrs W had a fairly heavy front end crunch in her car yesterday. She had nearly stopped but the bellend coming the other way just ploughed into her. I think the car is written off as it's done the bonnet, front valance, bumper, grill and both wings. It's definitely bent something underneath too. None of the airbags went off, so how hard does the impact need to be to set them off?
  13. David Cassidy has died......

    Well that was a surprise. Surprise. Badum tish!
  14. David Cassidy has died......

    Cilla's dead too?
  15. Existing Members

    As soon as you type in that box you should get a grey box to the left of it saying "all content" with a down arrow on, Click that and there's loads of options including members.
  16. Existing Members

    Type in the search box top right, then hit the drop down box to "members".
  17. Due to Haye having a "freak accident" in training. Seems to be a common occurrence these days. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/boxing/42056678
  18. Scat identification

    Not half!
  19. Scat identification

    The kudos of knowing your shit.
  20. Scat identification

    Going by the amount I've trodden in on the golf course. Goose.
  21. Mortgages

    Gone are the days when they accepted handwritten pay slips.
  22. Clothes

    I had to buy a suit a couple of years ago for a works do as my only suit was my wedding suit and the dry cleaners must have shrunk it. I pushed the boat out and spent a fair few quid (for me) on it. After the do it was dry cleaned and put away in a cover. 'Er indoors said she would take my old one to the charity shop next time she was in town. A few months later another "suit" occasion cropped up and when I unzipped the cover , what was in there but my old wedding suit. Some lucky b*****d somewhere had bought my decent once-worn suit for £3 or whatever.
  23. Haye vs Bellew Rematch Postponed

    I thought he'd retired again. Can't take him seriously.
  24. How's it going?

    S'mae butty.
  25. Haye vs Bellew Rematch Postponed

    At least Bellew has a boxing licence.