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  1. Just been browsing through my mates site. Nice piece of ephemera on Squirrel shooting and trapping. Nice little read. http://pest-contol-papers.boards.net/thread/108/grey-squirrels-shooting-trapping
  2. Is This The New Stoat Trap?

    Hmmm, yes I noticed the trend. That's why this new trap reminded me of the Doc. I have used the Doc, and it certainly is a very humane trap. Whatever steps on that plate is dead. That box though, with its baffles, ain't exactly enticing is it. Takes the good outa the trap IMO.
  3. Is This The New Stoat Trap?

    That could prove to be costly to those who need to target several species though micky. And then to keep all but the specific trap target out, is practically impossible. Why can't things just be straight forward eh? lol
  4. Is This The New Stoat Trap?

    All any of us can do, is to show that we done everything we possibly could to make sure non targets aren't caught. After that, it really is out of our hands, what a judge deems legal or not. Wish it were different, but that's how it is in these times. With regards, the Fenn. For me, I think it's one the best catching traps available to us. It is so versatile, that I don't think there is anything out there to match, as an all rounder. I mean, it can be used for all targets, in so many different scenarios, and ways. I stand by that. The best catching trap we have at our disposal. But, and it's a big BUT, it's also the worst killing trap of all the main traps we use. Some will say they are great traps, and some will say, they are shit. Both answers in my opinion are correct. I say this to myself all the time, and Phil mentioned it earlier. Why, o why dont they put more power into those Fenn's. Mk4's and 6's! Then we'd have a good humane trap, that does the job it's suppose to do.
  5. Is This The New Stoat Trap?

    Well I suppose it's to avoid ending up in court to defend yourself against ridiculous regulations. There's a lot of prying eye's out there. More so in the UK, compared to here it seems. So I think it's important to cover yourself. Nobody wants old Bill knocking at the door. There's actually an anti trapping group I came across on the net somewhere, who upload lots of photo's of non-target catches, to show how careless us trappers are, with no regard for wildlife. I'm sure these people would do their very best to try bury some poor unfortunate, with such material if at all possible.
  6. First Attempt At Brain Tanning

    I think I've seen a weight placed on pelts too, to make sure all the pelt is inside the liquid.
  7. Fox

    What I mean is, you can do it yourself as above, or a taxidermist can do a nice job with a solid head, eye's, even teeth and tongue if you wish. Have seen examples of that, and they look really well. Of course that costs a few quid, but if it were a real nice fox, it'd be worth it imo. I think it was myersberg on here done a really good job tanning some fox and mink pelts last year, using a tanning solution. You should message him. He may be able to help you out. Regarding the young lad shipping the pelts. It was a few years ago now, (maybe four or five) and fur prices were very good at the time. They are really poor the last two or three years.
  8. Fox

    Here is a rug done by a young guy (teenager) from the US who lived in Ireland for a few years. Not a bad little attempt. I presume you tan the hide, and then get the sowing needle out! lol He also sent pelts over to auction, and got a nice profit for it too. Said they went mad for the big Irish fox. If you want a solid head mount on your rug, then you go to a good taxidermist.
  9. Is This The New Stoat Trap?

    Some good points there randombadger. The size is something i must have missed in the video. Would you still agree that the Tully ain't as versatile as the Fenn MK4? Also, I believe that centre baffle may exclude squirrel from being a target species with this trap? Yes the Fenn is well known for its faults, but it is a fairly reasonably priced trap. Sorry I am being a bit picky/negative here, but such is human nature. Ive based my opinion on a short piece of video, and haven't even seen the Tully trap in the flesh, so yes, " what would i know!"
  10. Is This The New Stoat Trap?

    Well I sent a nice friendly email regarding the price of the Tully Trap. Not that I'd ever have a need to buy any, for stoat are protected here. More so out of nosiness I suppose lol. Anyway, got a very friendly reply stating that price is not quite finalised, but that they are looking at around £25 plus vat per trap. They will only be selling by the pallet, and although they will be available from other trapping supply outlets, there is nothing finalised yet. Anyway, that's it lads. Get out the cheque books!
  11. Is This The New Stoat Trap?

    Yes indeed. That would be the ideal outcome. It's size and design of the Fenn, that makes it so versatile. A trap with a built in cubby, makes it bulky and unsuitable for certain situations. You mIght as well just use the Doc 150, as this Tully Trap. Their design actually looks pretty similar to the Doc IMO. Whether the price difference is kinder than the Doc, we shale have to see. By the way, a little more muscle in the MK6 wouldn't be a bad thing either.
  12. Is This The New Stoat Trap?

    I'm sure they can be used for other species, but the trap was obviously designed with stoat in mind, considering that their will be a demand for said trap if or when the MK4 is banned for use on stoat.
  13. Is This The New Stoat Trap?

    I'm sure in area's where rabbit numbers have plummeted, so too have stoat numbers. Been a few years now since I've seen one. Been a few years since I've seen a decent number of rabbits come to think of it. Edited to add. The email address is at the end of the video, for enquiries. Might email them later for prices.
  14. beavers released in scotland

    Any info of population size in the UK, and how far they've spread?
  15. What you listening to at the moment.

    Now for something completely different

    I have a look in on the woman's Facebook from time to time. She likes her trapping too, and used to tag along with me quite often. One or two decent groups on it. Most however have idiots on them passing on rubbish info and tips, which they must make up in their heads as they're writing it. Pull them up on it (even in the nicest way possible), and you are barraged with abuse. Not only that, they'll have other idiots backing them up on their ridiculous statements.
  17. After The Floods.

    Nice to get a result like that. Makes up for all the blank days lol
  18. Well flooding ain't the best thing in the world when it comes to mink trapping. In fact it can be a nightmare. But flooding don't last forever, and eventually the water subsides. I find this is often a good time to catch mink in numbers, when they begin to return to the rivers after abandoning ship. Managed four mink this morning out of seven traps. And that's after a week or more checking empty traps. I suppose the key factor here is to keep those traps working, no matter what the weather throws at you, so's not to miss an opportunity of a catch. Another thing to keep in mind, is to set all three teirs. Therefore, each level of the bank is covered.
  19. I don't put much on here lads mainly due to most of my trapping taking place before sunlight. Life is busy, and I suppose you gotta do what ya gotta do. Just thought I'd share this little concept, that might be beneficial to some of you. It's nothing new, in fact it's very simple, but works very well. It's all about the importance of location, and how you can make it benificial to your trapping success. Seeking and finding that one spot where every target animal will go. I'm talking mink here, but the same concept can be used for many other animals, including rats. Alot of us do this all the time, without even thinking about it. The more experienced you get, the more you get "an eye for it". For instance, i'll walk a riverbank looking for a good place to set a trap. A place where mink are naturally funneled to pass through a particular spot. I'm also looking for places where I can recreate such locations. For instance here I found a spot on the edge of a river where there were a couple of fallen tree's. You can probably only make out one, but there is a second tree at ground level covered and overgrown with grass and debris. Behind the tree's is a little drain running into the main rivers. A nice feature in itself to draw the attention of a mink. I checked out the area and found a little hollow under the covered tree. Maybe about two inches of a gap. Now I knew it wasn't been used by mink, but that I could get them to use it. Widen out that little hollow, and block off anything either side of it. Mink like most animals will take the route of least resistance when going from A to B. They'll also usually take the shortest route. I apologise for the poor pics, but you'll get the gist. This is the gap under the fallen tree I widened out. I then set the trap. I'm using a tube trap in this case, but a cubbied Fenn or bodygrip will work just the same. I find the tubes handy in this situation, because I peg them down, and can remove a kill and reset without moving the trap. Anyway, set the trap, and a wedge of of grass around the trap, and it's done. No bait, lure or anything else. I was fortunate enough to have this lad the next morning. I got five out of six mink at this set. The other one was caught in a baited set further up the bank, on a morning where I also had one in this trap. So it just goes to show if you can pick out these little places, that they can turn out to be deadly.
  20. Cats

    There's probably a better solution, but I just can't think of one at this time.
  21. beavers released in scotland

  22. Is This The New Stoat Trap?

    True micky. At first glance I don't like them. Think they look rather flimsy, and springs don't look very powerful. Now maybe that's a bit unfair, seen as I haven't seen one in the flesh, but I doubt there anywhere near the power of a Doc.