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  1. Larsen time again

    Excellent work Mr Tea pot
  2. Tracks

    Here's a couple of easy ones for ye. Think second one has an overlapping print, so don't let that throw you off.
  3. Parabeam

    Well folks, anyone any experience with this security system? http://www.parabeam.co.uk/# Asking for a local farmer, who is having trouble with some unwelcome guests, who are up to no good around his farm, sheds etc. It certainly looks good on paper, but he wants to make sure its up to the job. Searched the net for some info, but found nothing in the way of reviews etc.
  4. Hungry

    You need a tonic mate!
  5. A lay off Daniel. It aint all about working ability. Look at the cute little puss on that wee girl!!
  6. Terrier mistakes

    Yea I suppose any dog could have an off day. It can turn into an excuse though, can't it. How many "off days" is acceptable? How many good dogs have "off days"? Ya know, there's a lot of lads out there who think they have great dogs. Thing is, they just haven't seen one yet.
  7. April 3'rd punish a muslim day?

    Yep! Fake news, with the intentions of making this a reality. PROPAGANDA comes to mind.
  8. Working cairn terrier

    I'm sure it's possible to work any terrier breed, depending on what you consider "working" of course.
  9. New to Ayam cemani

    My sister in law got some chickens, and now spends more time with the chickens than my brother. My brother is sad. My tip for you is " never love your chickens, more than your partner" The chickens won't give a sh*t either way!
  10. Footprint

    Ya may tell the owner to clip his dogs nails, cause that's what it is. lol
  11. 'night latching' fenn traps

    Anyone know how it got its name?
  12. What do you think this is ?

    Don't think we have much of interest running around the place apart from the well known species. Here's an interesting read https://www.irishtimes.com/news/environment/hard-border-the-animals-refused-entry-to-ireland-1.3200919?mode=amp
  13. What do you think this is ?

    True, and I take it you can't sell to Zoo's etc without papers for them.
  14. What do you think this is ?

    You'd think the Germans would be good at eradication, with all the practice they've had.
  15. What do you think this is ?

    Not legal on mink, so that would be a NO.
  16. What do you think this is ?

    Be nice on the wall than
  17. They need to relax the laws on the DOC to allow it to show it's full potential. That may well happen, according to the article I posted the other day.
  18. Their not the best killing trap Red. New or old, doesn't matter. They just struggle with anything bigger than a squirrel. Saying that, I find them an excellent trap to catch. You won't get many refusals with a fenn. They are also very versatile, and that is why they are struggling to find an alternative to the Fenn. Hard to beat it for versatility and price.
  19. Suppose to be slightly stronger than the Fenn.
  20. https://www.gwct.org.uk/aihts?utm_source=All+Contacts&utm_campaign=7f2354bcdc-Non-Mem-NL-270218&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_dd843c5cb6-7f2354bcdc-23118675&goal=0_dd843c5cb6-7f2354bcdc-23118675&mc_cid=7f2354bcdc&mc_eid=d58f20da16
  21. It really is. Thank god I'm in Ireland lol. So let me get this right. The stoat may be put on the protected species list, and a general licence can be granted under the conditions that only approved stoat traps are used. Therefore, if your found with a stoat in a fenn, you are guilty of killing a protected species. Is that right?
  22. Big Cat Sighting

    As a kid i seen many a ferral use rabbit burrows to have their kittens around our local dump. Man we had some fun in that place.

    I think when you charge 300 bucks for a pup and sell to blind strangers, you no longer deserve to have control over the breeding of those dogs. Saying that, those who buy said dogs, should obviously breed back to same, if they want to use the man's name.

    They must be good. I've seen them advertised on donedeal.
  25. Strange find

    Yes, if I ever do get back, it would certainly be on top of my list to see the museum. Thanks for the pictures.