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  1. Tidy ... what weight green lurcher ? The sire to them ran at 25lb and the grand sire ran at 20lb the grand sire held the record for most wins at his weight at the national champs .. now the sire has just bred with a good freinds dog the dam of the litter is a grand daughter of a pure Laguna.
  2. Is it the fawn dog mate
  3. Nice them mate looks like the northern track that , I once caught there father there at the finishing line when he was 5 years old he came out the left trap and won by 2 lengths to win the national championships yet again, a serious dog indeed and an absolute maniac at the finishing line he’d headbutt f**k out ya to get that lure 😂😂
  4. Tidy dogs them green lurches , really like the gamekeepers race bred bitch was there and dogs out of the same litter mate
  5. He was top dog in one of the years though
  6. im Sure masque only ran in competition for a couple of years did have the coursing mags from when he started I know it wasn’t long
  7. Evening all, Was reading up on the infra red light therapy and was wondering if anyone has used it? What’s the pros and cons ? Any info would be gladly appreciated
  8. Lamping The Whippet

    Well done mate , whats the dogs kc name if you dont mind me asking
  9. Hello has anyone on here tried the cold laser therapy and could they give some advice on it .. im wanting to know the pros and cons on the treatment ,what it's for , can you buy your own machine ,etc etc some advice would be greatly appreciated ..thanks in advance
  10. Toffee?

    dead eyes you said you got the dog from carlisle it wasnt off rubber lips m by any chance was it mate
  11. Toffee?

    dead eyes you said you got the dog from carlisle it wasnt off rubber lips m by any chance was it mate
  12. Advice On Dogs Leg

    Get the vet phoned bro
  13. Coursing Whippets

    was the nimrodel bred by mary mate
  14. Coursing Whippets

    Defo lads its very interesting although a lot of dogs achievements arnt wrote on there which is a shame to be honest
  15. Coursing Whippets

    Yes she believes that all dogs should catch a rabbit and she used to attend some pre ban meets and her dogs won a few stakes but they wernt in the league of some of the other coursing kennels . One of my favourites was ch nimrodel noir